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   Chapter 133 Challenge Wilson Successfully

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"Is that an illusion technique?" Everyone's eyes widened as the disciples of Team Ten stood there astonished. They tried to find the real Zachary, but none of them could tell him apart from his shadows.

Meanwhile, the fast moving shadows disappeared after colliding with the five beasts.

When the disciples took a closer look, Zachary was still standing in his place, as if he hadn't moved an inch. The shock registered on their faces simultaneously as they didn't expect Zachary to break through Wilson's martial skill at the medium stage of Earth Level by an unknown illusion technique.

A wild uproar broke out, as everyone looked around at each other in utter disbelief.

"He has grasped an illusion technique? I can't even tell which one's the real Zachary!" Rebecca said to herself in surprise.

"What an amazing individual! The technique he used is a little similar to the Shadow Clone Technique taught by my grandfather. I must find an opportunity to spar with him." Rita seemed intrigued by Zachary's abilities.

Needless to say, Elva was also surprised, but she was fairly certain that the technique Zachary used was not from the Welkin Sect, but a mysterious technique like his Shadow Pace. She was taken by curiosity, wondering where he could have learned such a technique.

However, the person who was most dumbfounded was none other than Wilson. The last thing he expected to see was Zachary breaking through his best martial skill with just an illusion technique. Enraged, he charged forward to take Zachary head-on, so he wouldn't have the time to react.

Unfortunately, almost at the same time, Zachary suddenly opened his eyes and hefted the sword in his hand, which started radiating abruptly while his aura charged up. A wave of powerful martial energy that was not expected to be found in a warrior of his level rushed out from his body. He carried the power of a thousand waterfalls in his sword, the force of which could rip the heavens asunder.

It was a move from the Lady Swordsmanship.

In the blink of an eye, Wilson felt the power of water slam into his body like a force of nature.

Wilson was taken by surprise, and by the time he could react, it was already too late.

Hiss! Hiss!

Zachary waved his sword around like he was trying to tame a wild animal, his aura fierce and unforgiving.

Although it took everything from Wilson to face the full force, his clothes were ripped to shreds. Before long, he was standing there naked in public.



d smirked at her.

"Well, you don't have to tell me now if you don't want to, but I know how to change your mind." Rita then walked away with a disdainful look on her face.

Meanwhile, Zachary noticed that Joyce had been looking at him, so he smiled at her. However, she rolled her eyes at him. It wasn't the response he was expecting, so he shrugged his shoulders and left the training ground.

Before long, Rebecca told Sara about how Zachary challenged Wilson and defeated him, fair and square.

"He defeated Wilson with just one move?" Sara seemed taken aback by Zachary's performance.

"Yes! I was just as surprised as you are. How did he defeat Wilson with just one move? It doesn't make sense." Rebecca fell into deep thought.

"Actually, it's not a very big deal. When he competed to become an official disciple of the Welkin Sect, Zachary went up against a senior disciple at the ninth grade of Earth Level with his strength at the Mortal Level," Sara said calmly.

"Really?" Rebecca's eyes widened.

"There are many things about this boy that cannot be explained so simply. But even so, it's still hard to explain how he defeated a warrior at the second grade of Heaven Level with just one move!" Sara held her chin in her hand as she dove into thought.

"I suspect that his strength has reached the Heaven Level." Rebecca always trusted her instincts.

After pausing to think for a while, Sara nodded and said, "I see. Keep an eye on him for me."

Rebecca bowed her head courteously and left to fulfill her duties immediately.

"I think it's necessary to report the whole thing to Master Katrina." Sara stood up and left to find Katrina.

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