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   Chapter 132 Accept The Challenge

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"What? You want to challenge him? A warrior at the second grade of Heaven Level is very strong for you. It's impossible for you to beat him!" Rebecca replied. She was very surprised although she tried hard not to let it show. Zachary's challenge to Wilson was like throwing an egg against a rock.

"I want to challenge him. I'm sure of it. You don't have to worry about me!" Zachary replied confidently.

"Think about it again. Several disciples ahead of you are only at the fourth grade of Earth Level. If you challenge them, you have a better chance of winning," Rebecca replied. She didn't want Zachary to go for a pointless challenge. There was a huge gap in power between him and Wilson.

"I want to do something exciting," Zachary replied as he curled his lips.

"Are you really decided?" Rebecca asked. She stared at him suspiciously as she wondered why he was so confident.

"I am really decided on this," Zachary replied in the same confident tone.

"OK. If you insist. But remember, don't blame me and go crying if you lose," Rebecca reminded him. She was sure that he would lose the challenge.

"If I cry, I'll cry on your shoulder," Zachary teased Rebecca.

"Hey! Watch your mouth!" Rebecca glared at Zachary.

He then walked towards Elva and Wilson.

"Hey boy!" Zachary greeted Wilson cheerfully.

Wilson was shocked and jumped up. "You brat! Who do you think you're calling?"

"You, of course. I want to challenge you!" Zachary declared.

Everyone in the team who heard Zachary's challenge was shocked. They never expected that Zachary would challenge Wilson, one of the most powerful disciples in Team Ten. Zachary, on the other hand, ranked the last in the group. Considering the difference in power, Zachary had no chance of winning.

"Zachary, you want to challenge Wilson?" Elva asked Zachary when she heard the challenge. In the selection test back in the Welkin Sect, Zachary was tied with Chandler, who was at the ninth grade of Earth Level. It was a great figh

ng strategy! However, unless he can defeat Wilson in one move, the situation will continue to be a stalemate. Speaking of raw strength, Wilson definitely has the advantage," Rebecca whispered to herself as she watched the fight between the two.

Wilson made full use of his power, but unfortunately, he couldn't break through Zachary's defense. As the fight went on, he became frustrated and angry because he couldn't hit Zachary. At length, he roared and used a martial skill at the medium stage of Heaven Level.

"Five-Beast Fist!"

His fist transformed into the forms of five different fierce beasts, which rushed towards Zachary from different directions. They lunged at him with their fangs and slashed with their claws.

The other members of the team felt worried for Zachary because they were familiar with this move. It was a powerful skill used by his father William. Wilson's cultivation level was so much greater than Zachary's. And the difference in power was obvious. Let alone Zachary, even the warriors of the same level as Wilson would be helpless from this attack.

Zachary suddenly disappeared. Several shadows rushed in different directions and collided with the five beasts. The sounds of several collisions filled the area. A loud explosion followed as a cloud of dust and debris shrouded the two combatants.

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