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   Chapter 131 The Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill

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Half a month had passed, but Zachary, who had just reached Heaven Level, did not stop training. Instead, he worked even harder, focusing not only in his cultivation, but also the martial arts. His current martial arts mainly consisted of the Shadow Pace, the Flawless Illusion and the Lady Swordsmanship. He was now able to utilize all the skills with ease during a fight. His unique abilities enabled him to compete against martial beasts that were a few grades higher than he was.

To add to the array of skills in his arsenal, he had even made considerable progress in Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill as well as the energy fire.

Sara had been personally overseeing his training for the past two weeks. With the use of her "no pain, no gain" philosophy, she made sure to keep him on his toes for the duration of his training. This helped develop his mental fortitude and resilience, so that no amount of training would intimidate him, no matter how brutal.

Apart from the harsh conditions Sara subjected him to during his training, Zachary willingly put himself through immense adversities every day. In fact, treasure-raiding quests and cultivation quests were a part of his daily routine. Fortunately, the treasure-raiding quests helped him accumulate a lot of different treasures. This allowed him to convert a pile of valueless treasures into treasure-hunting coins in the system.

"Conversion completed! You will get forty treasure-hunting coins in this transaction."

"Forty? Really? That's only enough for two Egg-laying Pills," Zachary sighed, shaking his head with disappointment.

Egg-laying Pills were used to shorten the time needed for treasure beasts to lay eggs. One pill could shorten the time required by one month. The Blazing Roc would produce one Blazing Egg every three months. The Thunder Dragon Horse was only hatched just recently. Apart from feeding it Growth-promoting Pills every now and then, Zachary also used some treasures of Common Level to help with its growth.

After much disappointment, Zachary, gritting his teeth in anger, bought two Egg-laying Pills. Later, he went to the Peach Blossom Forest and gave them to Orion. Once it had eaten the pills, a golden flame engulfed its body as it screeched in the most strident fashion. After a long time, a hot Blazing Egg eventually fell from the tail of its body.

A Blazing Egg was

look on her face.

"Oh, thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot that!" Zachary smiled, shaking his head like he was disappointed in himself. Time flew as he was either busy focusing on cultivating in the system or putting up with the daily torment Sara subjected him to. He didn't have the chance to pay attention to what was happening around him. In fact, Elva had reminded him several times, but he didn't take it seriously at the time. However, since it was the last day of the month, Zachary couldn't sit around and wait for fate; he had to take some action.

"Say, do you happen to know who that man is?" Zachary pointed at guy fighting Elva.

"Him? You don't know? He is Wilson Qin. His father is the head of Celestial City, William Qin," Rebecca replied.

"Wilson? I see," Zachary answered.

"William is at the premium stage of Imperial Level, and that is enough to tell how powerful he is. Since William had his son when he was already quite old, he has spoilt Wilson as much as he could. Unfortunately, even though William is a powerful man, his son seems to have fallen far from the tree. Even at thirty years old, Wilson is just at the second grade of Heaven Level. Perhaps if it weren't for his father's name, he would have never been accepted in the Celestial College," Rebecca said, lowering her sights to her feet.

"He's already thirty, but he still looks like as if he hasn't been weaned!" said Zachary, smirking sarcastically.

Rebecca couldn't help giggling.

"Then I will challenge this guy!" Zachary announced it without further consideration.

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