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   Chapter 130 Treasure Liquid

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"Congratulations! You have broken through to the Heaven Level. Now you can receive three random rewards," Mimi said in a sweet voice.

"That's great! I'll get three rewards," Zachary replied.

Three choices fell in front of him.

"Let's get started!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. The three choices started to spin.

"Stop!" he called out and the first choice stopped spinning.

He called out again until all three choices slowed down and stopped.

"Congratulations! You received a bottle of fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pills.

Congratulations! You received a Crescent Moon Stone, a weapon-refining material of Scarce Level.

Congratulations! You received the Virid Divine Bead, a treasure-hunting auxiliary treasure,"

Mimi announced excitedly as the rewards revealed one by one. Zachary was curious of the third item a lot more than the first two. "What is the use of the Virid Divine Bead?" he asked.

"When you use it, you can breathe underwater for two hours," Mimi explained.

"That is useful!" Zachary replied as his eyes lit up.

He received the three random rewards.

Now that he had successfully broken through and reached the Heaven Level, the first thing he wanted to do was go to the Living-Dead Tomb and tell Anne about the good news.

When Zachary reached the Living-Dead Tomb, Anne was on her way out.

"Master Anne, where are you going?" Zachary asked. He had always been curious about where Anne went from time to time. The area of Living-Dead Tomb was not that big.

But he knew that the Treasure-hunting Compass was very powerful, and Anne could go to places where he was not allowed to go.

"Why are you here?" Anne asked. She was surprised to see Zachary because he normally went to her at night for quests. She immediately sensed his aura of Heaven Level. "So you have broken through to the Heaven Level!"

"Yes. And that's why I'm here, to tell you the good news," he replied with a wide grin on his face.

"Where did you get so many treasure-hunting coins?" Anne deduced that the reason why Zachary became so powerful so fast was beca

ottle with a drop of Power-boosting Treasure Liquid appeared in front of Zachary.

Zachary took it and held it tightly.

"I'll be out for three days. I'll give you a variety of treasure-hunting quests to finish in those days. You can come back when you're done with all of them," she said as she tapped her index finger between Zachary's eyebrows, and the details of the treasure-hunting quests were imprinted into his mind. She then went on her away.

"Goodbye, Master Anne!" Zachary said goodbye to her respectfully. He then followed her immediately after she had traveled for some time. He wondered where she would go.

After a while, Anne suddenly disappeared while Zachary followed her. He sped up by using his Shadow Pace.


Zachary bumped against an invisible barrier of force and was thrown back.

"Master Anne does go someplace where I'm not allowed to go," Zachary murmured to himself. He decided to return to the Peach Blossom Forest. He exchanged the rest of his treasure-hunting coins for Growth-promoting Pills to feed Kiwi. He then proceeded to train Orion. Kiwi was still too young to be trained.

Zachary learned a lot about training treasure beasts from Richard. He needed to get a lot of treasures to feed the treasure beasts. He should train them well so that they could help him fight in the future. He would train Orion really hard whenever he had spare time.

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