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   Chapter 129 Improvement In Cultivation

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"What?! Mimi, why didn't you tell me about that earlier?" Zachary asked. He suspected that something bad was about to happen.

"You never asked!" Mimi replied in the same flat tone.

"What if I can't pass them?" Zachary asked concerned.

"If you can't pass them, then I will have to prepare a memorial service for you," Mimi replied and chuckled softly.

"Mimi! How can you be like that to me!? This is unbelievable!" Zachary exclaimed. He thought that if he had known about this earlier, he never would've consumed all the Cultivation Boosting Pills at once.

But it was too late for regrets. What he needed to focus on now was to pass six Heavenly Tribulations. He cleared his mind and prepared himself. He adapted to the violent changes within his body, and was soon ready to accept the first Heavenly Tribulation.

Suddenly, a dragon-shaped red thunder separated itself from the cloud and descended from the sky. The speed of its descent increased with each passing moment until it collided with the light ball which contained the martial energy surrounded Zachary. The light ball began to glow and then seemed to have neutralized the power of the red thunder. Strong winds suddenly blew from the clouds and overwhelmed the entire Peach Blossom Forest.

As the situation got worse, Orion and Kiwi quickly moved to the other side of the forest.

A short moment later, the red thunder disappeared. After having passed the first Heavenly Tribulation, Zachary felt the energy inside his body grow stronger in an instant. He had reached the fifth grade of Earth Level.

But this was only the first Heavenly Tribulation.

Without warning, the second red thunder rumbled and shot towards Zachary again.

He protected himself with the light ball of martial energy, and he felt that his strength increased by one grade. However, he felt that the power of the red thunder was stronger than the last time. He then realized that its power grew with every increase in his power.

Before Zachary could catch his breath, the third red thunder shot towards him with tremendous violence.

"Bring it on!" Zachary had lost all fear of the inco

s messed up martial energy and fused it into a steady stream. The stream of martial energy quickly circulated inside his body as his meridians expanded to their maximum.

The merging lasted a long time. When Zachary finally felt exhausted, his body shone brightly again. Powerful martial energy radiated from within him as he opened his eyes.

He had finally reached the Heaven Level!

A moment later, the light faded. A serene calm masked Zachary's face as he listened to his own breathing. The aura emitted from his body completely changed. He was now a real master of Heaven Level.

"This feels so great!" Zachary shouted with excitement. He felt that the power in his body was completely different from before. After his cultivation increased by one level, his strength was far from what it was before.

"This dangerous breakthrough is way too exciting! I won't do it next time," Zachary said and chuckled. He knew that he had learned his lesson. He wouldn't attempt to consume several Cultivation Boosting Pills at one time anymore.

Orion and Kiwi also came back. They circled around Zachary as Kiwi rode on Orion's back. They celebrated their master's breakthrough to the Heaven Level by flying around and making noise.

Zachary smiled as he watched his two treasure beasts. He knew that breaking through to the Heaven Level was just the beginning. What he needed to face next time would be even more dangerous.

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