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   Chapter 128 The Heavenly Tribulation

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Sophie's statement stunned Herman and the other people present. If these treasures were all rubbish for Sophie, then what kind of treasure was good enough for her?

"May I have your name please?" Herman asked. He suspected that Sophie must be a master of high status, for she definitely had the haughtiness that commonly came with it.

"You don't deserve to know my name," Sophie snapped at Herman as she turned to him.

Herman's face became flustered for an instant, yet he was able to maintain a state of calm.

"I will accept your kindness," Zachary said. He suspected that Sophie did it for him. He wouldn't pass up the treasures if he could get them for nothing. Anyway, he could exchange the treasures for treasure-hunting coins.

"Just take them. I'm leaving," Sophie said and left without another word.

Herman and the rest remained muted with shock and were rooted in place for some time.

"Bruce, there are so many items here. It's a little embarrassing for me to take them all. Why don't you pick one for yourself?" Zachary said sarcastically as he grinned at Bruce and shrugged.

Bruce gritted his teeth in anger and balled his fists.

"Pick one for each of you, Master Herman, Master Gray," Zachary said as he turned to Herman and Gray.

Herman and Gray were still speechless. They didn't know how to react to Zachary's offer.

"Elva, Chandler, please take what you want," Zachary said sincerely as he turned to Elva and Chandler.

"No thanks. Keep them for yourself," Elva replied flatly and promptly went back to her room.

"Thank you, Zachary, but my master has already given me a lot," Chandler replied. He was too embarrassed to take one for himself so he politely declined Zachary's offer.

"Alas, it's too embarrassing to keep so many treasures," Zachary said as he gave everyone present one final glance. He felt them lose the pride that they valued so much. They often had the habit of looking down on him, and now they had to swallow the bitter pill.

Zachary went to find a large bag and placed all the treasures inside. He then carried the bag on his shoulder and

s it returned to its original position.

"Ha-ha! My calculations were correct! I got six! I'm going to be a warrior of Heaven Level soon!" Zachary exclaimed with excitement.

He had used Cultivation Boosting Pills before and he knew that there was no adverse effect. He was sure that there would be nothing to worry about if he consumed all six pills at once. He decided to consume all six pills at once.

When Zachary consumed the second Cultivation Boosting Pill, his whole body suddenly felt like it turned inside out. His blood boiled, and his martial energy flowed in reverse. He felt like his entire body was about to explode.

And this was just the beginning. Zachary noticed that his body emitted smoke, as if he were on fire. A stream of martial energy spilled out from his body and formed a cocoon-like layer around him.

The sky of the Peach Blossom Forest was suddenly covered with thick, red clouds. Thunder roared and lightning filled the sky in bright streaks of white fire.

"What the hell is going on? This all feels like judgment day at the end of time," Zachary exclaimed despite the pain that he went through.

"The pills produced by the Light Wonder Cauldron are rare treasures, and you will have to pass one Heavenly Tribulation after you take one pill. You just took six pills, which means you'll have to go through six Heavenly Tribulations," Mimi explained in a calm voice.

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