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   Chapter 127 Sophie Showed Up

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Only Zachary and Elva had seen Sophie earlier, so no one knew who she was. But the scary aura she gave off, was enough to make people shiver!

Herman and Gray looked at each other, wondering whether Sophie was a master of the Celestial College. They were surprised when they found out that she already had such a strong aura when she was half their age.

Just then, Bruce was still reeling under the impact of the sound of Sophie's loud and powerful voice, which had shaken him terribly. He felt as someone had hit his chest with a hammer. Also, he didn't understand why such a master would suddenly stand up for Zachary.

"Master Shu, I'm glad that you came at the right time!" Zachary greeted her as if he knew her very well.

Sophie snorted. Glaring at Bruce, she said, "How dare you hit him! Do you want to die? I don't mind helping you fulfill your wish!"

Bruce was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that such a beautiful woman would suddenly appear and defend Zachary. Moreover, he did not know Sophie and Zachary's relationship.

Herman and Gray too were taken aback by her statement. If Sophie was determined to take action now, they would be no match for her.

"I'm sorry. It was a mistake. Being fellow disciples of the same sect, Bruce and Zachary are used to playing with each other. It was only a joke," Herman explained hurriedly. Knowing what a powerful figure Sophie was, he realized that let alone him, the entire Welkin Sect would not be able to do anything, even if she were to kill Bruce.

"Was it only a joke?" Sophie glanced at Zachary.

"I don't know if it was a joke, but I am sure he dares not beat me now. Am I right, Bruce?" With Sophie supporting him, Zachary took the opportunity to ridicule Bruce.

"You..." Bruce glared at Zachary angrily, but when he looked at Sophie again, he winced.

Elva and Chandler did not say anything, and the atmosphere became extremely cold.

Sophie suddenly turned to Zachary. In fact, instead of disappearing, she had started secretly observing his movements, in an attemp

tion Bruce, even Herman and Gray were also eager to have them, because they had never seen a treasure at the King Level before.

Bruce was drooling with jealousy seeing the gifts. Compared to what Sophie had given to Zachary, the treasures that his master had just given to him were worthless.

As for Elva and Chandler, they too were envious. However, they looked calm because they had seen such a thing happen earlier when Katrina had given Zachary many treasures after the freshmen contest. But Sophie had been much more generous with her gifts.

"Master Shu, are these all for me?" A rough estimate would be that there were at least thirty treasures, most of which were cultivation-aiding treasures. Besides, some were precious pills and materials for weapon refining. The number of treasures was similar to what Katrina had given him last time, but what Sophie had given him were of a far superior quality.

"Yeah, these are useless to me now. I'm just clearing my Virtual Air Space," said Sophie nonchalantly. The treasures that Sophie had given to Zachary were usually used as awards for the disciples. Also, she had a lot of treasures in her treasure collection. She was willing to give all she had in exchange for the marriage contract, if it were possible. Now, she had only given a fraction of her treasures to Zachary, just to make him like her.

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