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   Chapter 126 Sophie Appeared Again

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Updated: 2020-01-28 16:02

Zachary enjoyed the few days of peace when Sophie didn't show up. Sara began to personally monitor Zachary's afternoon training. If he didn't achieve the designated goal, he would be punished. She was really ruthless in punishing him.

But Zachary didn't lose his temper. After all, she was the master. He couldn't afford to offend her or he would meet a terrible end.

He often practiced in the system so he could easily withstand Sara's harsh training. Because of this, he was able to come up with solutions that best suited the given situations during training.

Two days later, two guests unexpectedly came to the disciple dormitory. The guests' arrival surprised them.

"Master Herman, Master Gray, why are you here?" Zachary and his fellows from the Welkin sect were in the disciple dormitory when the guests arrived.

"The sect leader sent us on an errand. We happened to pass by the Celestial College, so we came to see you. Although you've only been here a month or so, we've been very concerned about you. Especially the sect leader. He's been sending people to inquire about you. But the Celestial College is closed to the outside world, so it's been hard getting information about you guys," Herman replied as he stroked his beard.

"That's right. The sect leader wanted to come here in person, but the Welkin Sect would be a mess if he left, so he asked us to pass by here," Gray added.

"You must have had a long journey. Would you like to rest in my room?" Bruce asked with utmost respect in his tone.

"No, thank you. We'd love to stay if we had enough time, but we have urgent missions, so we have to leave soon. We brought you some pills and treasures that can help you cultivate." Herman waved his hand and opened the Virtual Air Space. In an instant, three bags of different sizes flew out of it.

"Bruce, I collected the treasures in this bag for

man? You dare to disobey the rules of our sect?! I'll teach you a lesson on his behalf!" Clenching his fists, Bruce dashed forward, charging at Zachary. He wanted to teach him a lesson while Herman watched.

Herman and Gray didn't try to stop Bruce. They both agreed that Zachary needed to be taught a lesson. Otherwise, he would be too cocky and arrogant. They had prejudice against Zachary. Even though he had displayed great power, it didn't change their opinions about him.

"Bruce!" Elva shouted, trying to stop him.

But at that very moment, a beautiful figure flashed out. Strong aura emitted from within her as she shouted, "Let go of him!"

The woman's words made Bruce's blood boil. There were disturbances in his martial energy. He let out a muffled groan, released his grip on Zachary's collar and took a few steps back. His face turned pale with fright.

Herman and Gray were shocked when they saw the beautiful shadow. Their bodies trembled, intimidated by her imposing manner. It was clear that the woman wasn't ordinary. Her cultivation base was far more superior to theirs.

Even Elva and Chandler were surprised as they watched.

Zachary was just as shocked. But he grinned as soon as he realized that the woman was Sophie.

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