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   Chapter 125 Continued To Cultivate

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Updated: 2020-01-28 14:45

After Zachary entered the system, he went to Anne and accepted a treasure-hunting quest. Because he had morning and afternoon trainings every day, he could only finish the quest in the evening.

But it was hard to finish the quest in the night, and it took Zachary a lot of effort to complete the treasure-hunting quest. Nevertheless, when he had finished, Anne gave him a third-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill as a reward.

After that, he continued his cultivation.

The next day, during Zachary's trip to the training ground, he was worried that he would bump into Sophie. Although he wasn't sure whether she was Katrina's sister, he thought it would be sensible if he stayed away from her.

Luckily, when he arrived at the training ground, he didn't see Sophie. Sara pretended nothing had happened and began the morning training.

Like yesterday, Zachary didn't listen to a word in class. But every time she asked him a question, he answered it correctly, which surprised the other disciples.

The morning training finally finished, and Zachary was eager to leave. But Sara suddenly walked up to him and said, "Follow me." With that, she turned and walked towards the dense forest on the side of the training ground.

When the disciples of Team Ten saw Sara and Zachary leave together, they all began to wonder. They knew that Sara had made a special arrangement for Zachary, so they were curious about what that arrangement was.

Zachary didn't care about the looks the disciples gave him. Under the envious gazes of the crowd, he left with Sara.

In the privacy of the forest, Sara looked at Zachary and asked carefully, "What did Master Shu do to you last night?"

"Master Shu? Is she Master Katrina's sister?" Zachary asked after hearing the title. It was strange that Sara would call her that.

"Master Katrina's sister? Did she tell you that?" Sara was stunned. She had never heard of Katrina having a sister. And ev

nything to him.

"Master Sara, is there a problem?" Zachary asked.

"It's nothing," Sara replied, shaking her head tentatively. "Let's go back. Today's instructions are over." And with that, she left.

"Things are becoming more and more complicated for me," Zachary murmured to himself, shaking his head with a bitter smile. Then he headed back as well.

When he returned to the disciple dormitory, he saw that Elva, Bruce and Chandler were there.

"Zachary!" Chandler called out enthusiastically the second he saw Zachary. "How was the training? Being trained by Master Sara must be awesome!"

"It was great! You should try it sometime. Yesterday I was almost raped," Zachary replied with fake enthusiasm.

"What?" Chandler was dumbfounded.

"Nothing. Just a joke!" Zachary shrugged.

"Humph! Even if Master Sara is training him, he's still a loser. Don't embarrass our Welkin Sect!" Bruce gave Zachary a look of disgust. But deep inside, he felt a little jealous.

"I think you're just jealous! I'm training with beautiful women and you're stuck here with a bunch of men," Zachary retorted defiantly.

"Do you want to die?" Bruce threatened, glaring at him.

"I'm tired. I'm going to my room to sleep." Ignoring him, Zachary entered his room, leaving Bruce in a rage.

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