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   Chapter 124 The Marriage Contract

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"Was the door left unlocked for me specifically?" Zachary murmured. He poked his head inside and saw a small living room with elegant decor but no one was inside. He looked up to the second floor and felt an aura coming from there.

"She must be on the second floor," Zachary said to himself. He turned around and closed the door after he entered the room. He tiptoed to the second floor as he intended to surprise Sara.

However, as soon as he reached the second floor, he saw that the whole floor was full of strips of silk curtains and the scent of sandalwood filled the air. It seemed as if he had entered a fairy palace.

"Master Sara? Are you here?" Zachary greeted in a low voice. He felt strange about the atmosphere.

No one answered.

'She's not here. Maybe she went out. I think I'd better go back, ' Zachary thought to himself, about to head back to his dorm.

The silhouette of a feminine figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the silk curtains. She was slender, enchanting and sexy.

"Master Sara? Is that you? What kind of game are you playing?" Zachary hesitated but eventually decided to lift the curtains to see what was going on inside.

As soon as he lifted the curtains, a sharp and cold blade poked out through the curtains and pressed itself against his throat.

A smooth arm rested on the shoulder of Zachary. It moved along his shoulder as if it teased him. It then descended to his chest and kept moving downward. At the same time, the figure moved to the back of Zachary while maintaining the blade on his throat and one hand moving downwards from his chest.

"Wow! Master Sara, I didn't know that you like to play this way. I must say that this is a side of you that I like. But we haven't known each other for a long time. Aren't we being too hasty? Since you took the initiative, I won't refuse you. But can you put this down? It might kill me if either of us is not careful," Zachary said. He slowly pointed at the blade on his throat. He never knew how to properly react to the situation that he found himself in.

But there was still no reply, only her constant b

front of him once more.

"If you kill me, you will never get what you want. If you really want it back, ask your sister to come to me," Zachary said calmly. He glanced at Sophie and pushed the blade away without changing the expression on his face. He went downstairs and exited Sara's dorm.

"Damn!" Sophie cursed. She never expected that such a young man with such pitiable strength would be so fearless.

A brief moment later, she also disappeared into thin air.

A pretty woman stood on the tree opposite the building. Her beautiful face showed a slight smile of satisfaction as she watched the events unfold. "He is definitely not stupid. I can let him keep it for a while longer. But since Sophie has found me, she will not rest until she gets what she wants. I must find a way for her to compromise. That marriage contract is of no use to me. Even if I leave it to that kid, it doesn't really matter. The most important thing is to put the interests of the whole above everything else."

The owner of the tender voice disappeared when a chilly evening air blew across the tree.

Zachary felt strange about the entire encounter. It was Sara who invited him, but it was Sophie who waited for him. And she wanted to get the marriage contract back so badly that she even threatened his life.

"This matter is not simple at all!" Zachary said to himself as he made his way to his dorm unnoticed.

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