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   Chapter 123 Sophie

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Sophie proceeded to the training ground of Team Ten after she left the Sage Hall with Sara.

"May I know what's your name?" Sara asked in a respectful tone. Although she couldn't find out how powerful Sophie was, she could feel that she was more powerful than a warrior at the Sage Level judging by her aura. She was therefore respectful of her.

"My surname is Shu," Sophie replied flatly.

"Master Shu, why do you want to meet Zachary? May I know what is the relationship between you two?" Sara asked.

"Nothing. I just want to see him," Sophie replied. She couldn't tell Sara that Zachary had her marriage contract and this meant that he would be her future husband.

Sara appeared doubtful of what she heard. She had a feeling that Sophie didn't really know Zachary well. But if she was not familiar with him, why did she want to meet him? Sara was baffled.

"By the way, how strong is Zachary now?" Sophie asked with obvious concern.

"He is currently a warrior at the Earth Level," Sara replied honestly.

"What!?" Sophie was shocked. She didn't expect that Katrina would give the marriage contract to a rubbish warrior at the Earth Level. She then thought that it was a joke that Katrina deliberately arranged. "You are kidding, right? A warrior who is trusted by Katrina, a warrior of Sage Level, cannot be a mere warrior at the Earth Level."

"Master Shu, if you don't believe me, you can check it for yourself," Sara replied. She became even more confused. But now she was sure that Sophie didn't personally know Zachary before.

Sophie didn't believe her words, and her countenance became cold and grim that started to give off a strong air of hostility. Even Sara, who walked beside her, could not help but change her expression as well when she sensed this.

Sophie soon arrived at the training ground of Team Ten with Sara, where the disciples, including Zachary, were gathered.

The arrival of Sara and Sophie immediately drew the attention of the disciples of Team Ten.

"Wow! What a beauty! She is just so beauti

to supervise Team Ten on their afternoon training. When the training was almost over, she called Zachary and whispered, "Come to my disciple dormitory tonight." After whispering the address of her dormitory to Zachary's ear, she turned and walked away.

"Tonight?" Zachary repeated. He was surprised as his eyes lit up. He suddenly lost himself in various fantasies.

That night, a black figure easily sneaked into Sara's disciple dormitory and avoided the guards outside.

"The guards are weak! If a philanderer is wandering around this area, the women inside the dormitory will all be deflowered," the black shadow said to himself in a low voice and shook his head.

The black shadow went into a courtyard. The courtyard was slightly similar to the disciple dormitory where Zachary and his fellows lived. There was a two-story building to the south of the courtyard, and the lights there were bright.

"It should be here." The black shadow walked to the door of the two-story building and then knocked softly. The figure then asked in a low voice, "Master Sara, may I come in?" Under the bright lights nearby, it could be seen that the black shadow was Zachary.

When he heard no response, Zachary knocked a few more times. When there was still no response, he tried to push the door open. To his surprise, the door was not locked and pushed open easily.

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