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   Chapter 122 An Enchanting Beauty

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Meanwhile, Katrina was in her cultivation room, deep in the heart of the bamboo forest of Sage Hall. There she encountered an unexpected guest, or to be precise, an unexpected beauty.

Katrina was by no means any less beautiful than the breathtaking specimen standing in front of her, but the beauty of this mysterious woman was deeply rooted in her mystical aura. Her movements had the ability to enchant and bewitch those who laid eyes on her. Something radiated from within her that rendered her irresistible. Her perfect skin looked so soft. Her beauty was calm and emotionless. Her long, wavy hair was so smooth and silky, almost as if it was tailored from fabric. The sheets of the silk slipped onto her shoulders, peppering her luscious body with soft, sensual kisses. Like a lover, it seduced the senses and conveyed with utmost skill the art of pleasing. She was like a siren, whose melody purred to the soul, piercing through and engulfing a man's entire being from within.

"You're not an easy target to find! To be honest, of all the places, I didn't think that you would willingly choose to hide in the Celestial College. I thought you were done with this place?" The enchanting woman locked Katrina with the rapturous shade of purple in her eyes which was reflected from her sensuous dress. Although there was calmness in the way she spoke, her expression carried enough command to convince Katrina of her resolve.

"I never said that I was done with Celestial College. But if I am, I will not be here," Katrina replied, concealing her arrogance under her expressionless face.

"That's enough! Return the contract to me now," the woman said firmly, glaring at Katrina with some seriousness.

"Look! I won, fair and square! You signed the contract when you lost the battle. Are you trying to go back on your word now? If news of this gets out, you'll be damaging your own reputation, Sophie!" Katrina eyed the woman contemptuously as she spoke.

If it had been anyone else there, they would have been shocked to hear the name of Sophie. Everyone knew that there were only two female warriors of Sage Level in the Supernal Continent. Sophie was the only female warrior of Sage Level that was on par with Katrina.

No one w

o the sound of her whistle. This extraordinary creature was also known as a Magic Cuckoo, a common means by which one would send out simple messages in the Supernal Continent.

"Tell Sara to come see me," Katrina ordered the Magic Cuckoo.

The Magic Cuckoo flapped its wings with great power and shot off into the sky right after it uttered the sound "cuckoo."

Before long, Sara graced both Katrina and Sophie with her appearance.

"Master Katrina!" Sara quickly glanced over her shoulder after she courteously bowed before Katrina. Having noticed Sophie's unfathomable aura, Sara asked, "This lady is...?"

"An old friend who would like to meet Zachary. It's almost the end of the afternoon training. Please, take her to see him," Katrina requested politely.

"She wants to meet Zachary?" Sara seemed puzzled. 'Who is this woman? I can't even get a proper reading on her cultivation level. Why does she want to meet Zachary? She doesn't look like a member of the Welkin Sect!'

Although surprised, Sara nodded politely and said to Sophie, "This way please."

"Thank you," Sophie said, glancing at Katrina before leaving the attic with Sara.

"How can I miss such an interesting scene? If Sophie finds out that the man she is going to marry isn't even worthy to be called a warrior, she will definitely do something unexpected! I can't wait!" Seeing Sophie and Sara leave, Katrina was giddy with excitement and she giggled by herself playfully before she too left the attic.

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