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   Chapter 121 The End Of The Morning Training

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To Sara's surprise, Zachary's answer was correct.

"How will a warrior's martial speed affect their cultivation?" Sara continued to ask.

"Hmm." Mimi told him the answer again through telepathy.

After he heard Mimi, Zachary flashed a confident smile and answered Sara's question.

After he answered the two questions in a row, the disciples of Team Ten were dumbfounded. They knew that he was not paying attention, and yet he easily answered the two questions.

Even Sara never expected that Zachary could answer her questions. 'Can he think of two different things at the same time?' she thought to herself.

"Sit down," Sara ordered as she gestured for him to take a seat. She didn't want to waste any more time.

Zachary resumed his seat.

Sara continued her lecture, and everything went smoothly for a time. Then out of nowhere, the sound of snoring suddenly interrupted her. All the disciples turned towards the sound of snoring and saw Zachary sleeping.

Electricity flashed in Sara's eyes as she stared at Zachary. It was the first day and he slept in class.

Sara snapped her finger; martial energy in the shape of a pill shot out from her finger and hit Zachary's forehead.

"Ouch!" Zachary immediately woke up from the pain, yawned and stretched. "Is the class over?"

The crowd burst into laughter again. Zachary was just too unbelievable.

"Zachary! Get up!" Sara wouldn't let Zachary off so easily.

"Okay." Zachary stood up once more as he scratched his tummy.

"I will ask you three questions. If you can't answer, sprint a hundred laps around the training ground." Sara had almost lost her temper.

"Okay," Zachary replied, shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He had the perfect helper, so he was not afraid of what Sara would ask him.

After that, Sara asked two questions without delay, and each of them was answered easily by Zachary.

The disciples of Team Ten were surprised, as they all knew that Zachary had slept in class. 'How was he able to accurately answer the questions? Is he a

hat do you think of my answer?" Zachary asked. He watched the transformation of Sara's facial expression and immediately knew that his answer was what she expected to hear.

"It's fine," she replied flatly.

As soon as the disciples of Team Ten heard Sara's reply, they all cheered. They never expected that Zachary's statement would be accepted by Sara.

Even the three girls, Elva, Rita and Joyce, also turned their eyes on Zachary, especially Joyce. She was irritated because Zachary used some unknown swordsmanship to suppress her Virid Water Swordsmanship, and now he could answer such a complicated question.

"The morning training is now over! Class dismissed. See you all in the afternoon training," Sara announced as she stood up and walked away.

"Zachary, how were you able to answer that question? Did you figure it out by yourself?" Elva asked as she walked up to Zachary. She was unable to hold back her curiosity any further.

"Of course...not! I was really napping in class. I just happen to have heard about it or read about it before," Zachary replied with a wide grin.

"Just as I expected. Remember to fully focus in class next time. Don't mess around again," Elva reminded Zachary. She then gave him a derogatory look and left.

Zachary left alone. He wanted to enter the system and do something during the noon break.

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