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   Chapter 120 The Leader Of Team Ten

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The disciples were all surprised, because the sword skill that Zachary used looked very similar to Joyce's Virid Water Swordsmanship even though there were a few differences. But most importantly, considering the gap in power between Zachary and Joyce, it was amazing that he was still able to almost completely block Joyce's Virid Water Swordsmanship.

"He just used a sword skill, and he broke the famous Virid Water Swordsmanship!" Rita blurted out uncontrollably.

Elva couldn't help but feel excited and surprised. Although she didn't know from whom Zachary learned the swordsmanship, it was clearly not ordinary.

Joyce couldn't believe that the sword skill she was proud of was broken by Zachary, a warrior at the Earth Level, with a sword skill of his own.

'Which sect does the swordsmanship belong to? It broke the Virid Water Swordsmanship from the Virid Sword Sect! Obviously, this swordsmanship is more powerful than Joyce's since Zachary is only at the Earth Level while Joyce is at the Heaven Level. If they were at the same level, she would definitely be defeated! Additionally, the Virid Water Swordsmanship is considered as one of the best martial arts under the King Level. If Zachary's swordsmanship is more powerful than the Virid Water Swordsmanship, it is definitely a martial art above the King Level!' Sara concluded within herself as she slightly nodded. Of all the people present, only Sara saw the fight between Joyce and Zachary clearly in all its important detail. Although Joyce's attack still won in the end, the swordsmanship that Zachary performed was actually superior than Joyce's Virid Water Swordsmanship.

"No way! Let me try again! Water Splash Strike!" Joyce couldn't accept the fact that she didn't beat Zachary, and in swordsmanship of all things. She readied her dual swords once more and a radiant energy burst forth.

Zachary's eyes narrowed and his lips slightly twisted to the right side. Sara said that she would only make one attack, but Joyce ignored the rule

l. It can break the swordsmanship of Joyce, whose strength is much greater than mine, ' Zachary thought as his mind wandered further from Sara's lecture.

He started to hone the Lady Swordsmanship in his mind until he was so absorbed in mental practice that he waved and danced as he sat.

Sara, who was absorbed in her lecture noticed that Zachary danced while he sat. She raised her eyebrows and screamed, "Zachary! Get up!"

The disciples turned their eyes to Zachary, whose mind was obviously far from where they were.

Zachary came to his senses when he heard Sara's voice. "Yes? What can I do for you?"

His words caused murmuring among the other disciples.

"First. Get up," Sara replied as she stared at Zachary.

Zachary stood up as ordered.

"What were you thinking about? You were miles away," Sara scolded him.

"I wasn't! You had my undivided attention," Zachary replied.

"Really? Then please answer a few questions based on what I just told you," Sara replied. "What is the highest level of inborn martial speed?"

"Well, about that..." Zachary did not know the answer to the question. He then suddenly felt a slight buzzing on his chest, and Mimi's voice spoke directly to his mind. "The highest inborn martial speed is triple martial speed, except for Joyce, who was born with quadruple martial speed."

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