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   Chapter 119 Test Out

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Elva was both relieved and surprised.

"Well, he got lucky," Rita sneered.

Joyce kept her composure, although she was visibly startled.

Zachary's opponent was surprised with what happened. He wanted to try and rush forward again, but he was stopped by Sara.

"You can go back now. Let's pick another one," Sara said. She then turned around and checked every disciple in her team and then picked a disciple at the seventh grade of Earth Level.

The disciple was obviously inspired by the first test that he was eager to try as well. He immediately rushed towards Zachary without waiting for Sara's go signal.

"Let's see how you will handle this!" The disciple clasped his hands. The powerful martial energy that he emitted was like a giant hammer that crashed down from the sky and smashed Zachary.

Zachary took a step back to brace himself and blocked with his hands up using the same defensive form.


When the attack came down, Zachary was surrounded by flying debris and loose earth.

"Maybe he couldn't block it this time." Most of the disciples in Team Ten expected that Zachary wouldn't be able to block the blow.

However, when the debris cleared, Zachary stood at the same spot unharmed.

"How is that even possible? He resisted an attack from a warrior at the seventh grade of Earth Level."

"What defensive martial skill did he use?"

"Is it possible that he is more powerful than he looks?"

The disciples murmured amongst themselves once more.

Even Elva, Rita, and Joyce were visibly surprised with the result. If it was mere luck for Zachary to block the attack from the disciple at the fifth grade of Earth Level, then it was impossible that he defended against the attack from the disciple at the seventh grade of Earth Level and ended up unscathed.

Sara was also surprised to see that Zachary could easily take the full blow of two disciples whose cultivation levels were higher than his.

'It seems that he has indeed reached the Earth Level. When he participated in the freshmen contest, I felt that he had improved a lot, but I didn't expect him to reach the Earth Level so quickly. During the selection test in the Welkin Sect,

"Joyce's Virid Water Swordsmanship is absolutely amazing," Rita sighed to herself.

The other disciples dared not to look away for fear they'd miss something wonderful. They were also shocked by Joyce's swordsmanship.

Zachary was immediately surrounded by the water waves and sword shadows from all directions. There was nowhere to dodge. If he used the power of the Holy Bone Bracer, he could easily absorb the martial energy contained in the sword skill and instantly break the attack. However, what Sara wanted was to force him to reveal his hidden power, so he decided not to give her what she wanted.

Zachary's martial energy rose. One sword radiance materialized on his left arm. In the blink of an eye, the sword radiance turned into water ripples that spread out like streams that fanned out. The sword radiance collided with more than a dozen sword shadows that came down towards Zachary. The shrill sound of clashing weapons filled the area as if numerous swords hacked at each other with great fury and skill.

A few moments later, the sword shadows and the sword radiance consumed each other. However, since Joyce's strength was greater, there were three sword shadows left that broke out of the formation. As they were about to reach Zachary, a smile crossed his lips. He instantly turned into a shadow and dodged the three sword shadows. When the attack dissipated after they missed, he promptly returned to where he originally stood.

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