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   Chapter 118 Unharmed

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Not long after Zachary reached the training ground, Sara appeared in the sky with her fluid, silky movement. Her landing enchanted the male disciples of Team Ten.

"I had some business to deal with yesterday, so I was not able to meet you." She stared at the disciples. "Yesterday, Rebecca had told you the details of the training courses, so I won't repeat them again. Before the morning training, I want to assign a team leader. If I'm not there, the team leader will lead you and supervise you."

The disciples whispered amongst themselves. They thought that the ideal team leader should be someone who was powerful enough to keep the other members in line. They felt that the ideal leader would be Rita, Elva, Joyce or several disciples of Heaven Level. Since Rita was powerful than others, they felt that she was going to be the team leader.

"Who wants to volunteer?" Sara asked everyone as she shifted her gaze to Elva, Rita and Joyce.

The three ladies had different reactions to Sara's call.

"I volunteer!"


Elva and Joyce stepped up. Rita, who possessed the most powerful strength in the team, decided not to volunteer.

Sara glanced at Rita. She had always been suspicious about Rita's identity and background. Sara also secretly investigated her, but found nothing. She even suspected that Rita might be a disciple of a warrior of Sage Level from the Celestial College and hid her identity on purpose.

"Is there anyone else?" Sara looked around at the disciples again. Seeing that nobody else wanted to volunteer, she focused her gaze at Elva and Joyce.

"You two are almost equal in strength, but in terms of talent, Joyce possess the quadruple martial speed, so she is the team leader," Sara said after she gave it some thought.

Elva felt sad about Sara's decision. But since Sara had made up her mind, she didn't plan to make any objections.

"Master Sara, it's not fair for Elva. Let them have a duel and see who will win. The winner becomes the team leader,"

e disciple stood opposite him.

"Dude, I'm so sorry. If you get hurt in the battle, please don't blame me," the disciple said with heavy sarcasm as he tightly clenched his fist.

The next moment, he shouted and rushed towards Zachary. Then, he used his best martial art. His strong martial energy that belonged to a warrior at the fifth grade of Earth Level turned into a ferocious snake that rushed straight at Zachary.

Zachary firmly stood on the ground. With his hands crossed, he protected himself with martial energy.


The disciple hit Zachary with a powerful force that created a cloud of dust.

Elva felt nervous and worried.

Rita and Joyce almost didn't react at all. They thought that Zachary could not withstand the attack. After all, in their opinion, he only reached the first or second grade of Earth Level at most.

After the dust dissipated, Zachary stood still. He firmly withstood the blow of the disciple.

The disciples who saw the result of the attack roared and cheered loudly.

"Incredible! He can sustain a blow from a warrior at the fifth grade of Earth Level."

"Even if he could, he should have been injured. But he seems fine."

"This is so weird. Is he just lucky?"

The disciples present were all surprised at the result, including the three beauties, Elva, Rita and Joyce!

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