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   Chapter 117 Morning Training

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"What? Why didn't you tell me earlier? I've been waiting here for so long," Zachary complained and then left. He didn't seem happy at all.

"He is so unreasonable. He doesn't seem to take the training seriously. After all, being supervised and trained by Master Sara is an extremely rare privilege that every disciple dreams of!" Rebecca muttered as she watched Zachary withdraw from the training ground.

When Zachary went back to the disciple dormitory, Bruce and Chandler were also in the dorm. The two of them were on the same team.

"Zachary, you are so lucky. Master Sara will personally teach your team," Chandler exclaimed.

"Nothing special," Zachary replied and waved his hand dismissively.

"Don't be so ungrateful with what you have been given. But even if Master Sara teaches you in person, you will still end up a loser!" Bruce said in a contemptuous tone. 'I will never forget what he did in the freshmen contest, ' he thought.

"Bruce, you can't think of it that way. Zachary is talented, and with the guidance of Master Sara, I believe that he will certainly make great progress," Chandler explained as he stood beside Zachary.

"Humph!" Bruce said no more and went back to his room.

Zachary then saw Elva walk back to the disciple dormitory. She walked briskly and her face was expressionless.

"Elva!" Zachary called out to her. Elva had never talked to him since he disappeared for two days. She was still angry because of this.

Elva glared at him briefly and went back to her room.

"What's wrong with her?" Zachary said and shook his head.

However, he did not have time to rest. He left the disciple dormitory and went to the pine forest before entering the system. He accepted a treasure-raiding quest from Anne.

After four hours, he completed the treasure-raiding quest. He then went back to the Peach Blossom Forest and began to learn weapon refining. Since he had already mastered the preliminary use of fire energy, he had al

"Thank you for thinking so, Master Sara," Zachary replied cordially.

"As for the other thing, when you were in the freshmen contest, how did you manage to summon such power?" Sara asked.

"I guess it was an unusual performance," Zachary replied calmly. "Unusual performance?

Alright. You go to the training ground first. I will be with you later," Sara ordered. She didn't want to waste time anymore since it was time for the morning training. She thought she could find out the truth in the future.

"Okay," Zachary replied as he turned around and left the study.

When Zachary was gone, Sara's entire countenance changed. "Whoever entered that room was bound to meet the spiritual soul. If it was not Zachary, then who was it? What's more, the power that Zachary used back then was not his own power. It seems that I have to pay very close attention to him. Master Katrina has warned me not to let this boy attract a lot of attention. Otherwise, I wouldn't have taken the risk to modify his personal scores," Sara murmured to herself.

Zachary walked out of the room in deep thought. His face was etched with seriousness. 'It's not easy to deceive her. I must be careful when I use Master Andrew's power next time!' he thought to himself. He exited the Sky Building and went to the training ground.

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