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   Chapter 116 Master Sara

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"So Master Sara is assigned to our team! How interesting!" Zachary was intrigued when he heard that Sara was going to be their team's master. He felt that it was amusing because of the complicated relationship between him and Sara.

The disciples assembled with their respective masters. After they were assembled, the disciples headed to the training grounds with their masters. Only Team Ten remained in the square because Sara disappeared.

"Where did Master Sara go?" Elva asked as she looked around the square. She didn't know when Sara disappeared.

"Did she go to the ladies' room?" Zachary suggested and then smiled.

"What are you talking about? I really don't understand why you were assigned in the same team with me," Rita complained. She was annoyed by Zachary's rudeness.

"If you are in my team, we will become invincible in battle!" Zachary said as he patted his chest.

Rita stared at him and rolled her eyes.

Suddenly Zachary felt that someone was gazing at him. He turned towards that direction and saw that it was Joyce. She felt isolated because she was the only one from the Virid Sword Sect in the team.

"Joyce, the genius born with quadruple martial speed." Rita followed where Zachary was looking and saw Joyce as well. She had seen her before but always from afar. Even before she entered the Celestial College, she had heard of Joyce since she was quite famous as the first warrior in the Supernal Continent who was born with quadruple martial speed.

The martial speed that one was born with was called the inborn martial speed. Everyone initially thought that the absolute limit for inborn martial speed was triple martial speed. And the higher the inborn martial speed, the faster a warrior could cultivate. However, a high inborn martial speed was a double-edged sword, especially for inexperienced warriors. It was easy for these warriors to lose control and end up with broken meridians. Normally, it

ecific strength, weakness and current cultivation level.

"And the last one, Zachary," Rebecca called out.

Zachary waited as he watched each disciple in the team get assigned to a specific training regimen. When he heard her call his name, he raised his hand right away.

"As for you, Master Sara said that she would supervise your training personally. You can leave now. Go and find her in the Sky Building tomorrow morning," Rebecca disclosed.

The other disciples in Team Ten turned to Zachary with envy in their eyes.

"Hey, what kind of relationship do you think he has with Master Sara? She is actually going to supervise his training personally."

"He is not as tall or handsome as me. Why would Master Sara treat him differently?"

"It's normal for Master Sara to desire young men. It's called human nature. But I didn't expect that she would prefer someone like him."

The disciples whispered with each other. Even Elva, Rita and Joyce were surprised at Sara's special treatment.

Based on what they knew, the disciple who should be provided with special treatment would be Joyce because she had quadruple martial speed, or Rita, who displayed remarkable power in the freshmen contest. But Sara seemed to think highly of Zachary for reasons that were known only to her.

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