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   Chapter 115 Training Guidance

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A day and a night went by.

Zachary sat on a rock by the pool as a purple aura surrounded his body and rippled. A purple cyclone swirled around him.

He sat motionless as the purple cyclone steadily increased its speed until it covered the whole area. A powerful explosion broke the purple cyclone from within as lightning escaped from the dissipating winds. When the cyclone had completely dispersed and the stone was visible once more, he was nowhere to be found.

Another day went by. All the new disciples had been grouped, and they would be trained by different masters assigned to different teams. All the new disciples had been divided into ten teams according to their performance in the freshmen contest.

The freshmen of Heaven Level were divided equally among the ten teams in order to maintain the competitiveness of each team. The teams should more or less be equal in total strength.

Disciples from the same clan or sect were also scattered into the different teams.

Virid Sword Sect's Colin and a few other disciples were assigned to Team Two; they were in the same team with Bruce and Jason, who had a feud with Zachary in the freshmen contest.

At the same time, Zachary, Elva and Rita were in Team Ten. Joyce was also assigned in the same team with them. Some of the male disciples of the other teams who noticed this were jealous of Zachary, because he was in the same team as the three beauties of the new disciples.

Although Rita and Elva had both won first place in the freshmen contest, the former's strength was more powerful. Because of this, she was ranked first in Team Ten. Elva was ranked second, and Joyce third. A great number of the rest of the team members were at the premium stage of Earth Level, and a small number were at the medium stage of Earth Level. Zachary was ranked last.

If he was still ranked last in the team a month later, he would be screwed.

Ten masters of Imperial Level were in the square of the Freshmen Zone along with all the new disciples.

l to the premium stage of Heaven Level, while the strength of the disciples of the Elite Zone was at least above the medium stage of Heaven Level. The strongest ones were close to the Imperial Level.

Although the college gave priority to select elites and geniuses to cultivate, ordinary warriors were also cultivated with great care. To the college, the ordinary disciples and the elite disciples were just like ordinary soldiers and generals. It was impossible that there were only generals without soldiers in the army.

"The motto of the Celestial College is fair competition. Always remember this. Don't do anything stupid or dishonorable for the sake of a win or just to gain ranking. Otherwise, you will pay for it very dearly!" Sara reminded the disciples. "I will now announce the names of the masters that are assigned to each team.

Team One, Dick Tian.

Team Two, Aaron Yun...

Team Seven, Carl Gu...

Team Ten, me, Sara Long."

Sara's announcement created a commotion among the members of the other teams. Most of the new disciples were hoping to have Sara as their master because she was one of the top ten new warriors of Imperial Level amongst all the warriors in the four martial colleges in the Supernal Continent. Her strength was unquestionable and she was a beauty; thus everyone aspired to be her disciples.

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