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   Chapter 114 Dark And Light Wonder Cauldrons

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"Why can't I use this?" Zachary asked.

"Many warriors believe that they will get martial energy with certain element when their cultivation reaches a certain level. But it is actually the cultivation method that determines the martial energy's element. In the Supernal Continent, most cultivation methods will produce martial energy with metal element. As a result, the hidden element of most warriors' martial energy is metal. Martial energy with a different element can also be produced based on warriors' physical bodies or when warriors cultivate in unique environments, but the chances are small," Anne explained patiently.

"I understand," Zachary replied as he slowly nodded his head.

"What is the element of the God-Slaying Formula that I cultivate?" Zachary asked.

"Well..." Anne suddenly stopped in mid-sentence.

"Is it a rubbish cultivation method that has no element?" Seeing the embarrassed expression on Anne's face, Zachary couldn't help but suspect the worse. Mimi didn't tell him what level the God-slaying Formula belonged to, so he had always suspected that there was something odd about it.

"You will find out soon enough. This is your reward today!" She took out a pill that glowed with purple light.

"A third-grade purple pill!" Zachary exclaimed as his eyes lit up.

"You're only one step away from the fourth grade of Earth Level. This third-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill should be of great help to you," Anne explained.

"Thank you, Master Anne. You're so kind!" Zachary took over the pill with a wide grin.

"This Ice Jade is of no use to you. You can exchange it for treasure-hunting coins, and then go to the Dark and Light Wonder Cauldrons to try your luck," Anne suggested.

"The Dark and Light Wonder Cauldrons?" Zachary asked. He was sure that he has never heard of it before.

"Oh, I forgot that you haven't seen the cauldrons yet. Come with me," Anne replied. She led Zachary to a tunnel that led to the depths of the Living-Dead T

is at the premium stage of Earth Level. There are a total of three moves. You can perform it after you reach the fourth grade of Earth Level." A ray of icy light shot out directly into Zachary's brain.

"Oh again it shot into my brain! Will my brain get hurt because of this?" Zachary cracked a joke.

"You should go now." Anne waved her hand, and a bright beam of light covered Zachary and the Dark and Light Wonder Cauldrons. The light seemed to disperse every particle in them until they completely disappeared.

Moments later, Zachary was back to the Peach Blossom Forest, together with the Dark and Light Wonder Cauldrons.

"I really want to give it a try!" Zachary said as he rubbed his hands together. But after he'd given it more thought, he decided against it. He knew that even after he exchanged the Ice Jade for treasure-hunting coins, it would likely only be enough for him to try two or three times. It definitely wouldn't be enough for him, ho he decided not to hurry to trade the Ice Jade into treasure-hunting coins. He decided to collect more treasures and exchange them all at once.

"I have to work harder to collect more treasures," Zachary whispered to himself.

He took the third-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill and began to concentrate on breaking through to the fourth grade of Earth Level.

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