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   Chapter 113 Friendship With Richard

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 5988

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Zachary thought to himself, 'You guys are totally wrong. Do you think I'm just anyone? I am from the future! I am a modern man who can make miracles happen! The egg has already hatched. But it's not the right time to let the others know that I have two treasure beasts. I won't be able to keep a low profile if they find out!

Wait and see. You will all worship me very soon.'

"Send the Peach Blossom Eagle back," Rebecca solemnly ordered. Her eyes were wide open as she heard Richard still quibbling.

Richard's face displayed a look of misery as he played the flute, asking the Peach Blossom Eagle to leave.

As soon as the eagle left, the crowd seemed to come back to their senses. They were in an uproar once again. They had never expected that among the freshmen of the Hua Clan, there was a young master who had raised a treasure beast.

"All of you leave this instant!" The watching crowd was startled at Rebecca's sudden command.

Seeing that the fun was over, the disciples left. They didn't want to get on Rebecca's nerves, or else they would suffer.

Soon enough, the entire training ground was empty. Jason, who was afraid of getting into trouble with Rebecca, had also left under her close watch.

"I have something to take care of right now. I'll deal with you later!" Noticing that everyone had gone, Rebecca glared at Richard and then disappeared.

"Dude, your sister is so mean!" Zachary said sympathetically.

"Yes, and 'mean' is honestly an understatement! She's like a shrew. Of all my sisters, she has the worst temper, unlike the other three who dote on me," Richard explained, looking dejected.

Hearing Richard's words, Zachary thought, 'So anyone who dotes on you is good tempered.' He thought it was wise of Rebecca to stop her brother. Richard

said in a brotherly tone.

"Okay, that's very kind of you. You're my brother now!" When he thought of Elva's brassiere, Richard felt like he was floating. He agreed without hesitation and was easily convinced by Zachary's promises.

With the friendship of the Hua Clan's young master, Zachary didn't need to worry about having someone to back him up.

"Let's find a place to talk." With Zachary's arm around Richard's shoulder, they scurried off.

After spending a whole day with Richard, Zachary obtained a lot of useful information about raising treasure beasts. He entered the system with satisfaction. "Take me to the Living-dead Tomb."

Zachary appeared in front of the tomb. He knocked on the door loudly, and then the door opened. He walked past the tomb hall and saw Anne emerging from it.

"Have you completed your quest?" Anne asked in a calm voice.

"Yes." Zachary nodded as he took out the Ice Jade. "This treasure is of great quality. Can you help me forge a handy weapon with this?"

"Is it Ice Jade? That kind of material is not suitable for you even if it is made into a weapon. You better not waste it!" Anne said after taking a glance at the jade in his hands.

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