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   Chapter 112 Richard Hua

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"Apologize? I'd rather see what your Hua Clan can do!" Jason looked like a gentleman on the surface, but he was an insidious and unreasonable person who took advantage of others.

The other disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect rudely jeered at the Hua Clan.

Adolph and the disciples of the Hua Clan became so angry that they clenched their fists. They wanted so much to rush and teach the disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect a lesson.

To make matters worse, some of the onlookers booed and howled to goad the disciples of the two forces to fight. It started to go out of hand.

A young disciple from the Hua Clan raised his hand, and Adolph and the other disciples of their clan calmed down.

"It seems that being reasonable doesn't work with your sect. Let's do this the hard way. Let's have a duel. If you lose, you should apologize at once; if we lose, we'll simply let the matter go. What do you say?" the young man proposed in a calm tone.

"I'm afraid that if you lose, you will all cry. Besides, do you even have a powerful warrior in your clan? You're all trash!" Jason replied as he belittled the young man before him as well as the other disciples of the Hua Clan. The strongest freshman of the Hua Clan that he knew was Adolph, and yet he was still no match for Jason. Jason was sure that there was no way for anyone in the Hua Clan to win against him in a duel.

"I'll represent the Hua Clan. Who will represent the Dragon Fist Sect?" the young man declared in a calm voice. He completely ignored Jason's arrogant words.

"You will represent your clan? Any disciple of the Dragon Fist Sect can beat you to death. You're a nobody!" Jason said arrogantly. He openly insulted the young man in front of the other freshmen.

"Is that so?" the young man replied with a smile. He pulled out a jade flute from his back and played. The sound of flute was very melodic.

The people present were startled by the young man's action. They could not understand why he played the flute in the middle of an argument with the Dragon Fist Sect. But to everyone's surprise, a shrill scream came from the sky that broke their moment of incredulity. A giant shadow flew across the sky and toward them. Adolph and the other disciples of the Hua Clan immediately cleared out as if they knew what was coming.

Murmurs erupted

me?" Richard Hua cried out in pain as he clutched his nape.

The freshmen focused on the feminine figure; she was the third daughter of the Hua Clan's leader, Richard Hua's elder sister.

"Why did you do that? Didn't I tell you to keep a low profile in your first year? You never listened to a word I said!" Rebecca scolded Richard Hua.

"But the Dragon Fist Sect was being arrogant. They were not taking us seriously," Richard Hua replied. He shrugged as he explained to his elder sister.

Rebecca glanced at Jason. Then she pinched Richard Hua's ear and dragged him to where Zachary was standing. She then pointed at Zachary and said, "You should learn from him. He received the treasure beast egg of Scarce Level from Master Katrina, and yet, he doesn't show it off at all. You are showing off just because you have a treasure beast!"

Zachary listened but didn't know exactly how to react.

"Did his treasure beast egg hatch yet? Even Master Katrina couldn't make it hatch, so how could he make it hatch? The chance to hatch a treasure beast egg of Common Level is one in a thousand. Imagine the chances of hatching an egg of Scarce Level! Even if you wait until the end of the world, his treasure beast egg may never hatch at all," Richard Hua argued as he stared at his elder sister.

The disciples who watched the scene whispered and talked amongst themselves. Although Zachary received an egg of Scarce Level, he might never be able to hatch the egg at all.

Rebecca looked a little surprised. She had almost forgotten that.

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