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   Chapter 111 The Ice Jade

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The martial beast of Heaven Level dashed towards Zachary. Its huge claw slashed at him.

The martial beast's body almost completely blocked the entrance of the cave. Since the distance between them was too close, there was no time for Zachary to use the Shadow Pace. Unless he entered the cave again, he would not be able to survive against this beast.

"Damn!" Understanding that it was useless for him to try and dodge the incoming attack, Zachary clenched his teeth and decided to rush towards its claw. His Holy Bone Bracer slightly shook, and mighty rays of light shot out from it.


Zachary was thrown away by the claw and slammed into the ice wall near the entrance of the cave. The whole ice wall caved in and shattered into pieces.

He fell from the wall and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

'Such strength! If I didn't have the Holy Bone Bracer, I would have been dead, ' he thought to himself. Zachary's face darkened when he looked at the Holy Bone Bracer. Although the force of the claw was very strong, the Holy Bone Bracer was unable to absorb enough force from it. If his Holy Bone Bracer didn't get enough power, it would not be able to deal a fatal blow.

The martial beast didn't give him a chance to recover. Before he was about to land on the ground, it charged at the Zachary with its powerful body and tried to crush his body.


The cave reverberated with the loud crashing sound of the impact. The martial beast's body was pressed hard against the wall with Zachary in the middle.

A few moments later, the martial beast moved its body away from the ground with satisfaction. It turned around to look at the wall, only to find that Zachary was nowhere to be found.

The martial beast looked around and tried to find Zachary, but he seemed to have completely vanished. It decided to join and help its companion that fought against the Blazing Roc.

Just as the martial beast turned away, a figure appeared before the wall that was just smashed by its body. Before the martial beast could get ou

round who argued with each other. They were disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect and the Hua Clan.

Jason stood in front of the group of disciples of the Dragon Fist Clan. Adolph stood among the members of the Hua Clan. He stood next to a feeble young man who seemed to be in his early twenties. Zachary hadn't seen this young man before nor had he heard about his abilities before in public. He assumed that he was an obscure warrior of the Hua Clan.

However, Zachary sensed that the young man was hiding something. He was not as feeble as he looked!

'Is he a powerful warrior too?' Zachary contemplated. Since he entered the Celestial College, he realized that there were a number of great warriors who hid their true strength like Rita. No one knew that Rita was about to reach the King Level. In addition to Rita, there must be a lot of disciples who had great power but didn't want to attract too much attention.

"The disciple from your Dragon Fist Sect is going too far. How dare he flirt with a female disciple from our Hua Clan!" Adolph shouted as he pointed at Jason.

"You're dreaming! It is clear that the female disciple of your clan seduced the disciple of our sect," Jason exclaimed. His face was etched with anger.

"I am giving you a chance to apologize. Otherwise, you will live to regret what you did today," Adolph demanded angrily.

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