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   Chapter 110 A Martial Beast Of Heaven Level

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6900

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Zachary entered the system and went to Anne to take a treasure-raiding quest.

After accepting the treasure-raiding quest, Zachary went straight to the Celestial College. When he arrived at the Heavenly Frosty Peak, his face immediately became grim.

"Why didn't she mention that it's so cold here?" The peak was surrounded by scenic mountains and rivers. The temperature was below freezing and many places were frozen and covered with ice and snow.

Since Zachary never prepared clothes that were appropriate for the cold, he had to use his martial energy to resist the cold. But this was not completely effective since he still felt cold.

According to the instructions of the treasure-raiding quest, the treasure was in a cave. But he never knew which cave it was.

It was easy for Zachary to sweep the mountain range with his current speed, but it wasn't easy to find a cave that contained treasures. There were many small and large caves in the area. The most important thing of note was that there were martial beasts of Heaven Level in the Heavenly Frosty Peak that made the area really dangerous.

After a short time, Zachary encountered a group of martial beasts which were called Snowy Wolves. The Snowy Wolves were martial beasts at the primary stage of Earth Level. They seemed to be very hungry as they stared at him.

"Back off!" Zachary roared.

But the Snowy Wolves didn't understand what Zachary said and they rushed at him all at once.

"Okay, this should warm me up. And I can also collect raw materials from them afterwards," Zachary said and watched the wolves approach, and then attacked them without holding back.

Almost an hour had passed before he defeated the group of Snowy Wolves. He then collected their bones and skins which were both usable as refining materials. He continued after he completed gathering raw materials. He explored several caves but was unable to find anything. He encountered several more martial beasts that were at the medium stage or premium stage of Earth Level. Shadow Pace and Flawless Illusi

d its powerful wings. It continued flapping its wings until the nearby rocks rolled into the cave.

Bang! Boom!

Several loud noises came from inside the cave. It was immediately followed by a loud roar that shook the walls of the cave and brought ice and snow down from the roof of the cave down to the ground. A short moment later, the martial beast of Heaven Level whose sleep was rudely interrupted rushed out of the cave. Its big yellowish eyes glared angrily at Zachary and the Blazing Roc. It roared at the two in rage.

As soon as the Blazing Roc saw its opponent, it immediately jumped and took to the air. The leopard-like beast followed its flight path closely with its eyes and prepared itself to attack. The Blazing Roc swooped down for an attack, and the two were immediately locked in an intense fight.

When he was sure that the leopard-like martial beast was locked in battle with the Blazing Roc, Zachary sneaked into the cave. With a powerful punch, he knocked away the ice stone which sealed the treasure, and took out a diamond-like treasure.

Zachary was about to leave the cave when his path was blocked by a huge white figure. It was a martial beast of Heaven Level, but it was not the same beast that the Blazing Roc fought.

Zachary planned well but failed to realize that there was a second martial beast of Heaven Level inside the cave.

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