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   Chapter 108 The Treasure-raiding Quest

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Zachary went straight to the Living-dead Tomb. He knew that Anne was fickle with her whereabouts and she might not be there. But he was really lucky this time because she was there when he arrived.

"Master Anne, I missed you so much!" Zachary hollered at Anne, who was mixing honey in front of a stone platform.

"Your strength has improved?" Although Anne didn't turn around, she could tell right away that Zachary's strength had improved as she could tell he was now at the third grade of Earth Level.

"Yes, Master Anne." Zachary recalled to her what had happened during the Welkin Sect's selection test and the Celestial College's freshmen contest.

When he got to the part where he had infused Andrew's spiritual soul into his Holy Bone Bracer, Anne turned around. Her pretty face looked surprised. She then examined the bracer around his wrist.

"It seems that everything is destined. If I didn't make the Holy Bone Bracer for you, you wouldn't be able to merge the spiritual soul of that warrior. A spiritual soul is very rare. Those who will turn into spiritual souls after their deaths are definitely very powerful when they are alive. But, given your current strength, if you try to use the power of the spiritual soul, it will do you no good. Always remember that!" Anne was capable and talented. She stated the key point that Zachary faced and emphasized it in a way that he easily understood.

"I understand, Master Anne. I'll be careful." Since Zachary had first-hand experience with the power of the spiritual soul, he definitely wouldn't mess around with it. Andrew's voice tried to get Zachary's attention as he spoke with Anne. Because of the spiritual binding, Andrew's spiritual soul was now bound to Zachary's bracer. And Andrew could now only speak through him. It seemed that the former couldn't wait to have an independent body.

"About the booklet on weapon refining, how much have you learned?" Anne asked suddenly.

"I have almost mastered the use of the energy fire," Zachary replied.

"Good. You were quite fortunate to get the fire with metal element from the Blazing Roc. I thought it would take you at least a few years to have your energy fire. After all, energy fire is difficult to cultivate," Anne explained. She was clearly satisfied with the rate at which Zachary learned and developed.

"Master Anne, my improvement is all due to your good guidance," Zachary replied in a flattering tone. "Master Anne, since I have been working hard to improve lately, can you do me a favor?"

"What is it?" asked Anne. She was usually quiet and cold. She had never talked thi

stained by blood. When he opened the bag, he found some valuable jewelry, a third-grade treasure at the Common Level and several herbs which seemed to have existed for ages.

"It seems that I am quite lucky today. I found several items just by killing a martial beast," Zachary said with great satisfaction and transported the items into his Treasure-hunting Compass.

He then entered the system, went to the Living-dead Tomb and reported to Anne about the success of his first treasure-raiding quest. He also handed over several herbs he had collected as harvests for his collection quest.

Knowing that Zachary was eager to get treasures, Anne gave him another one at the third grade of Common Level as a reward.

With the two treasures at the third grade of Common Level in his hand, Zachary immediately went back into the system and exchanged them both for treasure-hunting coins.

"You get two treasure-hunting coins," Mimi said after evaluating the two treasures.

"Two treasures for two coins. Not bad," Zachary said to himself. After the exchange, he opened the treasure beast system and bought three drops of Hatching Fluid.

A small jade bottle appeared in front of Zachary.

He then took the egg of the Thunder Dragon Horse to the Peach Blossom Forest. As soon as the Blazing Roc saw Zachary, it flew down and curiously stared at the treasure beast egg in his hand.

"You will have a little friend to play with very soon. And then, I'll have a new follower. If I can nurture more than a dozen powerful followers, I can do anything in the future." Zachary smiled at his little fantasy as he placed the egg of the Thunder Dragon Horse on the ground. He then poured a drop of liquid inside the jade bottle on the egg.

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