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   Chapter 107 A Treasure Beast Egg Of Scarce Level

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Zachary was stunned for a second. But he held out his hands as soon as he recovered from his initial surprise. Katrina slowly approached him and then touched his palms with her hands. He felt how soft and tender her hands were. Their nearness allowed him to smell her natural, fresh, sweet scent that intoxicated him for what felt like a very brief moment. Before he realized what was happening, she moved her hands away.

Zachary felt like his head was in the clouds. When his vision wandered to his hands, he saw a beast egg with red dots the size of a palm.

"This is...?" Zachary said with hesitation and then looked up at Katrina in wonder.

All the new disciples strained their eyes to get a good view of what Katrina placed on Zachary's hands.

"I accidentally got this egg from a treasure beast of Scarce Level. I've tried to hatch it several times, but I never succeed. So I give it to you now," Katrina replied in a gentle voice.

There was a hubbub in the crowd after she spoke.

"It is the egg of a treasure beast? And of Scarce Level?"

"This guy is so lucky to get a treasure beast egg."

"But it's not easy to hatch the egg. Besides, even if it is hatched successfully, its chance of survival will be very low."

"Yes, it's just a treasure that is pleasant to the eye but of no real use."

"Actually, he's in bad luck. The egg can't be hatched and raised by a human. So the previous two treasures are way better than the egg."

All kinds of discussions went on among the disciples. Some people felt envious of Zachary's good luck, while some thought that he was in bad luck for the egg had very little real value!

Zachary felt so happy as he stared at the egg in his hands. He tried to maintain a calm facade but deep inside, he felt it hard to do that. He had just activated the treasure beast system not long ago and now Katrina gave him a treasure beast egg of Scarce Level, as if everything was well-arranged by fate.

It might be impossible for others to hatch the egg, but this was not the case for Zachary as he had activated the treasure beast system.

"Master Katrina, they both received such wondrous rewards, but you gave me a treasure beast egg that can't be hatched by anyone. You're so unfair!" Even though he was so please

asure beast of Scarce Level with thunder element. Its special skill is the Thunder Wrath," Mimi said.

"That's good! That's very good!" Zachary replied and nodded with satisfaction. 'Did she give it to me on purpose because she knew that I have the treasure beast system? Ha-ha!' he wondered and then burst into laughter.

"Mimi, help me exchange all these rubbish treasures for treasure-hunting coins," Zachary said as he pointed at the pile of treasures on the ground.

"Starting exchange." A reddish vortex appeared out of nowhere like a giant mouth, and soon swallowed the treasures on the ground one by one.

"The exchange is complete. You have received eighty-eight treasure-hunting coins."

"What a lucky number! But it is too little. The exchange rate for rubbish treasures is really low," Zachary murmured to himself. But he didn't really care too much since he got all those treasures for free.

He opened his treasure beast system as soon as he received the coins and was about to buy the Hatching Fluid for the treasure beast egg. However, the instructions on the liquid made him curse loudly, "Damn! If I want to hatch a treasure beast egg, I need to use three drops of the liquid! And one drop of the liquid costs thirty coins. I don't have enough coins!"

After a few moments' thought, he said to himself, "I'd better go to Master Anne for a treasure to exchange for more coins." Even though he still had a MH weapon of Earth Level, he couldn't trade it for two treasure-hunting coins.

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