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   Chapter 106 The Awarding Ceremony

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"Oh, that's really her! She's so famous!" Zachary finally saw the mysterious woman once again and yet he appeared very calm. He knew something more interesting could happen today.

It suddenly occurred to him that this woman's surname was also Long. He wondered if she was somehow related to Sara.

"It seems that I am too popular here. But I'm not here to steal the show. So I need to be quiet." Katrina waved her hand and then smiled when she saw the commotion that she caused.

Although it was just a simple statement, it carried with it a powerful message.

"Since Winona is busy today, Master Katrina, a warrior of Sage Level, will award the prizes to the winning team of the freshmen contest on behalf of the Celestial College," Sara announced.

Hardly had she finished speaking when the audience cheered loudly.

It was truly a memorable day for the winning team. Getting awarded by the Queen of Charm was something that added prestige to anyone.

The freshmen viewed the winning team with a variety of emotions. Some envied them, and some admired them. However, a very select few hated them to their very core, and these were Bruce and Jason.

"The team who won the first place in the freshmen contest, please step up!" Sara announced as she signaled to Zachary's team to walk forward.

The three of them walked to Sara's side.

After Zachary's team reached Sara's side, three disciples of Heaven Level approached with three small, silver boxes. The disciples then opened the boxes facing the spectators. Inside were ten bottles of pills.

"Since the team won the first place in all three rounds of the freshmen contest, they will receive special awards. These are all fourth-grade green pills. There are five bottles of white cultivation-aiding pills, three bottles of green cultivation-aiding pills, one bottle of white energy-replenishing pills, and one bottle of white therapeutic pills," Sara announced.

The freshmen were envious when they heard Sara's announcement on what the re

ppeared in her hand.

"It's a fourth-grade golden pill!" The eyes of the freshmen lit up with astonishment. Most of them had never even seen what a golden pill looked like.

"This fourth-grade Golden Jade Pill is a cultivation-aiding pill that helps warriors make a breakthrough to the King Level. Who wants it?" Katrina asked as she turned to Rita and Zachary.

"Oh my God! I can't believe my eyes. That's really rare!" The disciples of Heaven Level were astounded.

"Of course that's me! You know that, Master Katrina!" Rita said to her master via telepathy. She hurriedly waved her hand out, as if she feared that Zachary might claim it first. She was so fast that the golden pill was in her hand in an instant. Not many people even saw her move clearly.

"You have done a truly great job this time. You've finished your apprenticeship with me, and you don't have to cultivate in seclusion anymore," Katrina answered as she smiled at Rita meaningfully.

Rita was overjoyed when she heard her master's words. She looked forward to that for a long time. 'Though Zachary is shameless, he has brought me enough good luck. But what on earth is the relationship between Master Katrina and him?' she pondered.

She became even more curious the more she thought about it.

Katrina stared at Zachary and said, "Hold out your hands."

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