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   Chapter 105 The Queen Of Charm (Part Two)

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6419

Updated: 2020-01-23 07:53

There were many stories about Katrina. But as she was such a shadowy figure, no one could really confirm the truth.

Katrina rarely showed up in public, or presented herself before others in the college. Only during moments of dire need, such as accidents, would she appear. Even most of the college's masters had never laid eyes on her.

It was worth noting, however, that both Katrina Long and Sara Long shared the same surname: Long. There was suspicion that there must be a certain relationship between the two of them.

"Yes, absolutely. In the most critical situation, he seemed to have used a mysterious power, but it didn't seem to be his own, causing him to collapse after he used it." Sara looked contemplative.

"Also, there's another member of the team I took note of: a girl named Rita. I have no solid information about her, but I suppose she must be quite powerful to be within their ranks. I've looked into her background and found that she was recruited to the college in the last minute. Still, I haven't found anything too useful or conclusive about her," Sara added, this time with a hint of interest.

"Don't worry about that," Katrina replied calmly. "Regardless, I find what you've just told me rather fascinating.

It appears that Zachary is full of surprises, isn't he? In recognition of his hard work, I do believe I should pay him a visit, don't you think?"

"You...what? Isn't it a little imprudent to be in direct contact with him? He's a freshman!" Sara replied, a little scandalized.

"Well you did say he got first place in the freshmen contest. And I'm going to see him in order to present him with the award. There's nothing inappropriate about that, is there?" Katrina merely smiled, deep in thought.

"You...are personally going to give him the award?" Sara asked slowly, completely flabbergasted. She had never even heard of a warrior at the Sage Level descending down

n if a master of Sage Level had arrived?

"Behold the Queen of Charm!" The masters' voices rang out in unison. These masters of Imperial Level were compelled to show respect to a warrior of Sage Level.

As they spoke, Katrina gracefully walked through them, towards the crowd of awestruck freshmen. Her calm, cool demeanor and incredibly powerful stance could have brought the freshmen to their knees, evoking a powerful compulsion to worship the earth she walked upon.

"The...the Queen of Charm?! So she's the Queen of Charm, the one they all talk about! She's the most legendary female warrior of Sage Level in the Celestial College! Sage Level! A warrior of Sage Level, can you believe it?!"

"Oh, my God! I can't believe this is happening! Someone this powerful is actually here! What's even going on right now?! I've never even seen a warrior of Sage Level in my whole life!"

"She's the one everyone can't stop talking about! They say she's the most beautiful woman in the entire Celestial College. The Queen of Charm is real! I can't believe she's right before my eyes! Not even Master Sara's as beautiful as her!"

"I heard that even the president of the college reveres her and pays her so much respect."

And just like that, the whole crowd was in uproar.

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