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   Chapter 104 The Queen Of Charm (Part One)

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After Zachary made the breakthrough, he headed to the first available empty space to try out the spiritual skill once more, but this time without Andrew's help. Last time when he performed the skill, he had no knowledge of the whole process at all; he only felt a force flowing through the Holy Bone Bracer. When he did, visions flashed through his mind like some kind of awakening. But it wasn't an epiphany or a hallucination: it was Andrew using the skill.

But when he attempted to repeat the action a few times, he realized that he couldn't perform that particular spiritual skill anymore. In spite of continued attempts, he was unable to make use of the skill.

"I don't think my martial power is strong enough for this. If I want to use this skill by myself, without Master Andrew's aid, I have to at least reach the Heaven level!" Zachary pursed his lips in frustration and disappointment. All this time, he thought that his command of the skill was unmatched, allowing him to beat any freshman. But as it turned out, he might have a long way to go.

Still, surrender was not Zachary's nature, and pride would not allow him to do it. He had to continue studying and mastering this skill until he conquered it. Certainly Andrew must have had reservations on teaching him the ability, perhaps suspicious of his motives. Perhaps only after Anne promised to build him a body would Andrew be more willing to teach him the skill.

'Oh yes. I haven't actually had the chance to visit Master Anne yet. I don't know if she's still in seclusion. It looks like I have to go to the Living-dead Tomb, on account of my promise to Master Andrew too, ' Zachary thought. After a moment of deep consideration, he teleported himself to the Living-dead Tomb. He was well aware of Anne's notorious temper. There was a good chance that she'd drive him out and slam the door in his face from the moment the words

d and cultivated. Existence within those walls was regarded as a complete mystery.

Nestled within these walls was a dense forest. Sara stood gracefully within. Across her, another figure stood with its back to her.

"Say that again? The boy's team swept all three rounds in first place, you say?" As she spoke, the figure finally turned around, revealing a breathtakingly beautiful face. She was the woman that Zachary had run into within the cave, who had presented him with a marriage contract. Her name was Katrina Long, and she was responsible for many things that went on within the Celestial College. She was nicknamed the "Queen of Charm."

Whenever Katrina's name was mentioned within the Celestial College, everyone within earshot would tremble. She had a mysterious background, and her power and means of ruling the college were fearsome. She rapidly ascended the ranks with her talents and rose to become one of the most powerful personages of the Celestial College.

She looked to be in her early thirties, and yet she had already reached the Sage Level. Some of the more wicked rumors mocked her, claiming that cosmetic skills were the only reason she looked young for her age; the popular gossip was that she might be more than fifty years old.

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