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   Chapter 103 The Treasure Beast System

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Zachary watched Elva walk away until she was no longer within sight. His countenance turned more serious as he stared at the Holy Bone Bracer. 'I have a lot of things to do. Although I can borrow the power of Master Andrew, I will probably die if I lose control of it! I will only use it in the most crucial situation. It seems that my meridians have become much wider after my two attempts of using Master Andrew's power. I should find a place to cultivate immediately, ' hey thought. He disappeared from where he stood.

He immediately entered the system as soon as he found a safe place.

"Congratulations on your completion of the side quest and winning the freshmen contest. Also, congratulations on completing the random treasure-hunting quest!" Mimi exclaimed as Zachary entered the system.

"Mimi, please don't startle me each time I come in," requested Zachary. "Not only have I completed the side quest, but also the random treasure-hunting quest. And I also won the contest. I think I should get an extra reward!"

Three choices appeared in front of him. The first two were martial arts at the medium stage of Earth Level, while the last one was a question mark.

"Since you completed the side quest perfectly, the system will give you a bonus reward," Mimi replied.

"Judging from my current cultivation progress, it would be wise for me to learn martial arts at the Earth Level. But it's worth trying my luck. The last time I picked a random reward, I received the God-slaying Formula, but I still have no idea which level it belongs to," Zachary whispered to himself while he considered his options.

"I choose the random reward!" Zachary shouted. 'I don't think my luck will be worse than the last time, ' he thought to himself.

The third choice started to spin as soon as Zachary chose it. When it stopped spinning, Mimi exclaimed excitedly, "Congratulations! It's an auxiliary cultivation method, Flawless Illusion. One can cultivate it and use it at any cultivation level, and it can be upgraded too!"

"What? It's not a combat skill? I want a combat skill at the premium stage of Earth Level! I should have chosen one of the two martial arts at the medium stage of Earth Level instead!" Zachary said mournfully. He then slapped his forehead with his hand.

A beam of light shot forth and entered Zachary's brain. In an instant, everything about the Flawless

en laughed loudly.

He noticed a house-shaped icon that flickered in front of him. He clicked it and a shopping cart appeared. It was filled with all kinds of items. When he clicked on the icon of an item, he accessed a brief description of the item.

Some of the items were: Hatching Fluid, Growth-promoting Pill, Egg-laying Pill, Cultivation Boosting Pill... And there were other treasures. The higher the treasure's level, the more expensive it was. Even a pill at the Common Level cost five treasure-hunting coins.

With the help the treasure beast system, Zachary was confident that he would be able to upgrade his Blazing Roc to the Imperial Level.

"It seems that I have to work harder to collect treasures in the future," Zachary said to himself while nodding slightly.

He went and sat on a big rock beside the pool and took out a third-grade green therapeutic pill. While he healed himself, he noticed that the martial energy in his body was much stronger than before, which seemed to be enough for him to make a breakthrough and reach the third grade of Earth Level.

"It seems that I have benefited from widening my meridians. I'm able to reach the third grade of Earth Level." Zachary was very happy, but then he hesitated for a moment. He realized that this might be because Andrew's spiritual soul had fused with his Holy Bone Bracer.

Zachary felt great to be able to upgrade again. After nearly a day of healing, he started making the breakthrough.

Another day had passed uneventfully.

He had a smooth breakthrough and reached the third grade of Earth Level.

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