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   Chapter 102 The Battle Is Over

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6128

Updated: 2020-01-22 03:52

Adolph conjured up all his strength and his hand was immediately engulfed in flames. The flames then gathered together towards one point and formed a huge fiery dragon. The air heated and ignited around the flame dragon.

"Such power!"

Zachary slightly grimaced at the sight. He was amazed at how powerful the skill of a warrior of Heaven Level truly was. Adolph's attack was so intense that he seemed to plan to take Zachary's life.

"This is on you!" Zachary exclaimed and then smiled slightly. His bracer started to glow, and a stream of borrowed power steadily transferred itself to him.

Adolph loomed closer and as the two of them met, the dragon-shaped flames quickly overwhelmed Zachary.

Zachary disappeared within the flames as everyone watched in horror.


The disciples exclaimed as they watched the unmoving figure of Zachary disappear inside the flames.

'Can he possibly survive that?' they wondered.

Rebecca was worried and shouted, "Be careful!"

"What? You want me to be careful?" Adolph asked. He never understood what he should be careful about. Was he supposed to be careful of Zachary's counter attack? 'I'm afraid he's already badly burned, ' he pondered.

A loud explosion erupted from the flames after they completely consumed Zachary. The flames burst into a pillar of fire more than ten feet high. All that was left was the charred marks on the ground when the flames died out.

"Zachary is completely burned to ashes!"

And as if in response, a loud familiar voice shouted out from the sky, "Spiritual skill!" It was Zachary and his right hand erupted into a spiritual beast. It rushed out emitting radiant light that threatened to engulf Adolph.


With a deafening thundering sound, Zachary's right hand burst forth in a golden light.

The spiritual energy tha

imself too much once more.

Adolph glared at Zachary.

"Do as he says!" the disciples cheered loudly.

Adolph was too embarrassed of himself. He stared at Rebecca with pleading eyes, hoping that she would let him go.

"Admit your defeat. Go ahead," Rebecca said emotionless and then stared at Adolph with a you-are-doomed look.

Adolph had no choice but to cover his face and run naked as agreed.

"I believe these pills are yours," Rebecca said as she handed the six bottles of third-grade green cultivation-aiding pills to Zachary.

Zachary accepted them without saying a word.

"You guys can now leave!" Rita announced to the disciples who were watching.

Seeing that the fun had ended, the disciples left immediately.

Rebecca nodded to Zachary and went on her way.

"Well done! This fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill is yours," Rita said as she handed the purple pill to Zachary. She immediately used her movement skill and left without another word.

"Don't you ever do that again! Now go and heal yourself!" Elva blurted out. She glanced at Zachary one more time and started to walk away, without saying anything else. She felt somewhat jealous but she could not understand why.

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