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   Chapter 101 Make A Challenge

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"Is a battle going to take place here?" A soft feminine voice came out of nowhere.

The disciples turned towards the source of the voice. They were all surprised and bewitched by her beauty.

"Rebecca?" Zachary murmured. He was surprised to see her at this time and place.

"Rebecca," Adolph said in a respectful voice. Though he and Rebecca were both from Hua Clan, the latter was the daughter of the clan leader.

Rebecca stared at Zachary and then at Adolph. "If the two of you want to fight each other, I'll allow you guys to do so and personally serve as the supervisor," she said in a flat tone and with an expressionless face.

"Then I will do my best to show you what am capable of, Rebecca," Zachary said in an excited voice.

Adolph briefly stared at Rebecca. A sinister smile suddenly crossed his face. "If you lose, you must kowtow to me. In addition, you must give me that fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill," he declared.

Zachary expected that Adolph wanted to get Rita's fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill.

He turned towards Rita instead of replying to Adolph's demand.

"Okay. If you win, this pill will belong to you," Rita agreed without hesitation.

The primary reason why Rita took out the pill was that she wanted to see the real strength and potential of Zachary. After his battle against the Ghost Bat King, she became more curious about his strength, especially the creepy power that he released at the critical moment. After all, her master, Katrina, kept on talking about Zachary.

"What if you lose?" Zachary asked Adolph in a mocking tone.

"I will never lose!" Adolph replied confidently.

"Is that so? How about this? If I lose, in addition to the conditions you've just mentioned, I will give you three bottles of third-grade green cultivation-aiding pills," Zachary smiled and seized the chance to make a fortune.

His statement caused a commotion in the crowd. It was known to all that third-grade green cultivation-aiding pills were most suitable for warriors at the Earth Level and at the primary stage of Heaven Level. Although they were inferior to fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pills, they were also quite precious. Since a single pill was already highly valued, an offer of three bottles of the said pills was an offer no one dared refuse.

Zachary then took out three bottles of third-grade cultivation-aiding green pills as offered.

The disciples became very suspicious that Zachary had three bottles of third-grade green cultivation-aiding pills.

Even Rebecca was surprised after hearing what Zachary just said.

"You have three bottles of third-grade green cultivation-aiding pills?" Adolph asked in a tone of disbelief and mocking.

Zachary handed the three bottles to Rebecca. "Tell him. What are those three bottles of pills?"

Rebecca took the bottles and opened one of them to examine more closely. She immediately saw the green glow in the bottle.

d again?"

"Are you sure he is really weak?"

"Where did he go?"

"Where is he?" The disciples looked around, with a puzzled look on their faces.

A shadow appeared behind Adolph and did something to his waist. Adolph suddenly became aware of the presence and turned around. He was surprised that Zachary was able to get to his back without him sensing it.

"Go to hell!" Adolph shouted at Zachary. He jumped up and his leg swept around with powerful momentum. "Try this! I don't believe you can survive this attack once again."

He became more aggressive this time. However, when he raised his leg and swept toward Zachary, a chill swept all over his body.

The crowd burst into loud laughter and the girls screamed in terror.

"Look at that! His thingy is as small as a finger!"

"A finger? I think it's just toothpick!"

"Maybe he's impotent?"

Adolph's eyes sprang wide open as he lowered his head in response to the laughter and shrieking. He was naked from waist down and the furry thing between his legs shrunk with the cold.

Adolph's face turned scarlet red. After he landed, he immediately covered his lower body with his hands, and then glared at Zachary, who smiled slyly in front of him.

"Oh, so you have a sexual fetish of taking off your pants when you fight?" Zachary asked and then punched Adolph with his fist.

Adolph instinctively raised his hands to block Zachary's attack.

"Just kidding!" Zachary suddenly disappeared and went to the back of Adolph.

Adolph was suddenly aware of something about to happen. Zachary posed at Adolph's back as if he was about to kick a football, and kicked Adolph hard.

He landed like a frog as loose earth filled his mouth.

"You bastard! I will kill you!" Adolph became angrier from embarrassment. He got up, one hand grasped his trousers and the other clenched into a fist.

"Hey! You have used three strikes already." Zachary stood still and didn't dodge Adolph's incoming attack.

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