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   Chapter 100 Challenge From Adolph

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"Bitch! How dare you play tricks on me!" Adolph shouted as his face twitched in anger. He thought that inviting a beautiful lady to join his team would be beneficial, but it turned out that this beauty was as crafty as she was pretty. She took the herbs that they collected in addition to what they took from her team and caused them to fail in the second round.

"You don't have the ability to protect your stuff, and you have the gall to be arrogant here? Leave or I will beat you to a pulp," Rita replied. She was so angry that she released her martial energy which belonged to a warrior of Heaven Level. The energy level started from the first grade and steadily rose to the sixth grade.

At this time, many disciples who hadn't left also gathered around and pointed at them. They never expected that Rita had such powerful strength.

No one truly knew anything about her.

"This is not even my real strength. Are you afraid yet?" Rita added. 'She is already so powerful at such a young age. She surely has a strong background. She must have some powerful weapons or pills with her which can help boost her martial energy. There is no way I can win against her, ' Adolph thought to himself.

"You... You..." Adolph stammered. As Rita's power rose, his face turned red with embarrassment. He knew that if he fought Rita, he would most likely be badly beaten.

"Alright. Alright." Adolph had suspected that Rita was rather powerful, but he didn't expect her to be that powerful.

But disciples were watching him. He'd look like a coward if he backed out just like that. He thought for a while, then pointed at Zachary and roared, "I want to challenge you!"

If he saw the spiritual skill released by Zachary with the help of Andrew, he would have regretted his challenge right now.

"Lovely Rita, it's you who provoked him. Why is he challenging me?" Zachary asked. "Maybe it's because y

hat he would defeat him.

"If you can beat me in three moves, then you win," Zachary replied as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Adolph was momentarily stunned. He laughed loudly once he recovered from his initial shock. "Boy, with your strength, you won't be able to dodge my attack even if I use only half a move."

All the disciples around them shook their heads, knowing how crazy Zachary's terms were.

Elva intended to drag him away from the fight. Although Zachary's movement skill was amazing, he was seriously injured just to save her. As a result, he had no chance of winning.

"It's hard to say whether I can avoid it or not. But you are doomed otherwise," Zachary replied back with a calm smile. Although he was injured, he could still use Shadow Pace without a problem. The man was only at the primary stage of Heaven Level, not too powerful an opponent for Zachary. The most important reason why Zachary accepted the challenge was the fourth-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill that Rita promised to give him if he won. Since he was only at the Earth Level now, this pill might be able to improve his martial power several grades higher.

It was time to show Adolph and the disciples watching, just how powerful the spiritual skill was!

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