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   Chapter 99 The Last Test

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"I didn't expect that Elva and Zachary could make it to the final round!" Chandler said excitedly when he saw Zachary and Elva among the top three teams.

Bruce stood beside Chandler with a glum face. He glared at Zachary with murderous intent. He had wasted his time trying to kill Zachary, but had been stopped by Rebecca. By the time he reached the fifth floor, the contest was over.

"That loser would only drag Elva down. It's impossible for them to win the first place again," Bruce mumbled.

Joyce and Derrick, who were forced to give up halfway because of their seriously injured companion, also looked on regretfully.

"If we were in the same team with Colin, we would've won the third round," Derrick said, shaking his head.

"Colin will be fine even without us," Joyce replied. She was unhappy when she saw that Elva was among the three teams.

'I can't believe she is stronger than me, '

Joyce thought to herself, pouting her lips. Her countenance became more serious. She started to see Elva as a rival.

Sara started her speech after confirming that all the freshmen had left the Death Prison and were all safely gathered outside. "Many of you have performed really well in the freshmen contest, although some have performed below expectations. But overall, I am very pleased with the results!"

The freshmen stared at each other after they heard what Sara said. The disciples were well aware that if they didn't win, it wouldn't make any sense no matter how well they performed in the contest.

"I will now announce two important things," Sara said in a calm voice. "The first thing is the punishment that will be levied on the Dragon Fist Sect's disciple, Jason. He played dishonorably in the third round. His actions are against the spirit of the Celestial College, so his score in the third round will be annulled."

All the freshmen were confounded to hear her words. They n

llege. A requirement to enter the Supreme Hall was that a warrior must first be at the Sage Level or above. And the qualifications of Winona Qing could show her status.

It was an enviable event to receive an award from the esteemed Winona Qing. If she was in a generous mood, it was possible for her to award something extra to the winners.

The freshmen present stared enviously at Zachary, Elva and Rita.

And yet the three of them remained extremely calm.

Sara and the other masters left at the end of the announcement and were followed by the freshmen who left the area in small groups.

"Rita, you truly made a great contribution to our team. What reward do you want?" Zachary asked Rita with a smile.

"Forget it. What reward could you possibly offer me?" Rita replied and looked indifferent.

"I can give you bad news," Zachary replied smiling.

"Bad news?" Rita replied to Zachary with a puzzled look.

"You are in trouble," Zachary said as he pointed at a dozen freshmen heading towards Rita.

Rita turned around and saw Adolph, the freshman that she pretended to defect to during the contest. But she betrayed him in the end.

Adolph and the group of disciples rushed towards them in anger. They instantly surrounded Zachary, Elva and Rita.

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