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Zachary placed his arm over Elva's shoulder as he smiled faintly. The two of them stepped back together. But the Ghost Bat King never gave up as it tried to catch them.

Jason was about to grab the falling Heavenly Squama Jade when a ghost-like figure appeared out of nowhere and released a powerful wave of martial energy that pushed the Heavenly Squama Jade back into the air.

"Colin!" Jason exclaimed when he saw that it was Colin who sent the jade back up in the air.

"It seems that we need to decide the winner between us," Colin said as he sneered at Jason. He was determined to get the Heavenly Squama Jade.

Jason was surprised but he knew that it was not the time to give up. He prepared himself to go all out against Colin.

A delicate feminine figure came out of the shadows and went to grab the Heavenly Squama Jade.

Jason and Colin were both shocked. They never expected that a third person hid in the shadows to grab the Heavenly Squama Jade.

Jason and Colin launched their attacks at the same time.

"Virid Water Swordsmanship!"

"Hundred-Fist Skill!"

Rays of swords and fists formed in mid-air.

"Quintuple Sword Strike!" Five rays of different-colored sword light rushed towards the attacks of Colin and Jason.

The attacks from three warriors collided in the air. The sword light disintegrated the attacks of Colin and Jason like they were nothing, and went after them.


Five loud explosions overcame Jason and Colin completely.

The feminine figure defeated Colin and Jason with only one move to the surprise of everyone who watched the ensuing contest.

The figure caught the jade and walked casually towards Zachary and Elva.

Everyone was surprised to see the identity of the mysterious female when the dim light of the prison shone on the figure's face and revealed who she was.

"Lovely Rita! You are so awesome!" Zachary exclaimed. He whistled out in relief and admiration.

Colin and Jason got back to their feet with dust all over their clothes and faces. They never imagined that it was Rita who gave them a run for their money. They immediately concluded that she concealed her true power.

Zachary was unable to move and Elva was badly injured. The Ghost Bat King soon caught up with them. It released a powerful sound wave charged with intense white martial energy that intended to kill Zachary and Elva.

Just as Zachary and Elva were about to be engulfed by the powerful sonic attack, another figure su

and Elva looked at each other. They knew that Jason had it coming.

The other masters had no objection to her punishment, because what Jason did violated the values of that the Celestial College held dear.

What took most of their attention was the fact that Zachary's team won first place in three consecutive rounds. This had never happened before in the history of the freshmen contest. Even the strongest teams in the past only won the first place in two rounds out of three.

"Announce to everyone that the freshmen contest is over!" Sara relayed to the supervisors.

The different teams on the various floors of the Death Prison soon heard the news that the freshmen contest was over. They all left the prison immediately and gathered at the open space in front of the Death Prison.

It was not long before almost all the freshmen were outside the Death Prison.

The top three teams followed Sara and the other masters out of the Death Prison. The other disciples watched them as they emerged from the prison.

The disciples whispered among themselves. They all wondered which of the three teams won the first place!

In the eyes of the freshmen, the highly likely winner was the team led by Colin because the martial power of Colin was far greater than that of other freshmen. But the team from the Dragon Fist Sect also had a chance.

What surprised them the most was that Zachary's team was among the top three teams. No one expected them to get the first place, though.

Sara and the other masters walked towards the front of the crowd. The three winning teams stood on one side and waited for the announcement of the results.

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