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   Chapter 97 Spiritual Skill

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Colin looked at Zachary in confusion. Even if Zachary combined his strength with Elva, who was seriously injured, they could have never been able to avoid the attack of the Ghost Bat King. How did they escape from it? It was unthinkable!

Elva was as surprised as Colin and Jason. She had seen how Zachary took the Heavenly Squama Jade. She stared at him in a strange way. Everything happened so fast that she couldn't react properly. Zachary was just suddenly in front of her, and then they were both enveloped by extremely strong power. It seemed like the sound wave was going to devour them. But unexpectedly, it disappeared without a trace.

After that, Zachary snatched the Heavenly Squama Jade in a flash.

"Zachary, you..." Elva's words trailed off due to her astonishment. She didn't know how to explain what had just happened because there were so many questions racing through her head. Before this, she had felt that Zachary was hiding something, and now she was certain. He was hiding something shocking!

As these things were happening, all the masters led by Sara were standing in the dark corners of the hall, hiding themselves and waiting for the change. When they had rushed over, they were surprised to see Zachary blocking the attack of the Ghost Bat King to protect Elva. And now, they saw that the two were completely unharmed. They witnessed how Zachary swiped the Heavenly Squama Jade right under Jason's and Colin's noses, two disciples who were far more powerful than him. Even the masters couldn't help but be amazed.

"This new disciple, Zachary, seems to be more capable than I expected!" one of the master remarked.

The other masters nodded, seeming to have a new appraisal for Zachary.

Sara stood still and stared at Zachary with surprise in her eyes.

But even though Zachary got the Heavenly Squama Jade, it didn't mean the fight was over. The Ghost Bat Ki

or, he heard a shrill cry. The Ghost Bat King staggered and quickly flew to him. Although it was seriously injured, it still screamed loudly.

"Is it still alive?" As the beast approached him, Zachary's face froze. His martial energy had been drained by that spiritual skill and he couldn't move now.

"Zachary..." Seeing Zachary freeze with exhaustion, Elva felt extremely nervous. She rushed to Zachary immediately.

Jason's face became sly. He suddenly stretched out his hand and blocked Elva's path.

"Get out of my way!" Elva said coldly. She needed to get to Zachary, fast.

"Hand over the Heavenly Squama Jade and I'll let you pass," Jason said with a menacing smile.

Elva glared at him and then looked at the Ghost Bat King, which was about to get to Zachary. With a cold, loathing eyes, she threw the jade into the air without hesitation, allowing Jason to grab it, and rushed straight to Zachary so she could help him get up.

"Elva..." In order to save him, Elva gave up the Heavenly Squama Jade, which was equal to giving up the first place in the freshmen contest. It was very difficult to make a decision like this with her unyielding personality. It was evident that in Elva's heart, the jade was far less important to her than Zachary.

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