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   Chapter 96 A Fierce Battle

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Although Elva was aware that it was a great risk to fight against the Ghost Bat King, she was still itching to have a try. After all, it was not a common experience to fight a martial beast at the seventh grade of the Heaven Level.

"Find a safe place to hide. I'll fight," Elva told Zachary after some deep considerations.

"I will, even if you don't tell me to." And with that, Zachary disappeared.

Seeing that Zachary had hidden himself well, Elva walked towards Jason and the other disciples.

"Elva and I will lure and distract the Ghost Bat King. Colin, please help get the Heavenly Squama Jade," Jason said.

Colin nodded in agreement.

With the plan set to action, Jason and Elva went to two different directions. Jason launched his attack, attracting the Ghost Bat King's attention. The beast gave a violent counterattack, displaying the power of the seventh grade of Heaven Level.

Soon enough, Jason couldn't withstand the power of the martial beast anymore. Seeing his need of assistance, Elva attempted to distract the Ghost Bat King.

In an instant, Elva's fist burned with a black flame. The shadow of a fist that flew like a dragon shot out and hit the wing of the Ghost Bat King.

The beast's body shook violently and it let out a cry of rage. It immediately turned to Elva and lunged at her fiercely.

When she started fighting, Elva could attack the opponent while defending herself. But after a while, the difference of their grades became more and more evident. Soon, it was difficult for her to hold on.

At that moment, Jason should have come to Elva's aid.

But he didn't move at all, his eyes turning dark.

The Ghost Bat King proceeded to release its ultimate skill. Strong energy turned into white light and burst out like a sound wave. It reached Elva in an instant.

It was hard for the Elva to run away. In the blink of an eye; she was swallowed up by the sound wave.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Immediately, withi

ance, but it carried a momentum that could penetrate a stone with only water droplets. Colin's martial power was two grades higher than Jason's, so Jason did not dare be careless. He turned his body immediately and tried to avoid the three rays of sword light. However, the energy of the sword light still cut through his clothes, leaving three wounds on his body. The power of the sword strike was indeed strong! If the strike had hit him directly, he would have been dead.

Since he was wounded, Jason slowed down. Taking this opportunity, Colin quickly caught up.

The two were equally fast!

As this was going on, the dust had settled and a figure suddenly dashed out like a phantom. In an instant, it flashed past Jason, grabbed the Heavenly Squama Jade, and put it into his bag.

Jason and Colin were startled. As their vision cleared, the figure had already returned to the side of another seemingly unharmed figure.

They were Zachary and Elva, whom they had mistakenly considered to be dead!

"They're alive?" Jason cried out in disbelief. It never occurred to him that Zachary and Elva would survive the attack of the Ghost Bat King, let alone come out unharmed. It was even more surprising that Zachary had easily grabbed the Heavenly Squama Jade from him and Colin amidst all the chaos.

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