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   Chapter 95 The Ghost Bat King

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 4603

Updated: 2020-01-21 04:48

A huge black bat-like shadow waited between the two stone pillars at the end of the hall. Its ferocious red eyes fixed on Zachary and the other intruding disciples. Held tightly in one of its huge black claws was the Heavenly Squama Jade that the disciples searched for.

The giant bat-like figure suddenly swooped down towards one of the disciples from the Dragon Fist Sect. Its tremendous speed caught the disciple completely off guard even though he was at the Heaven Level. The giant bat-like creature swiped at the disciple with its powerful claws before he was able to do anything.

"Argh!" A loud anguished scream echoed throughout the prison. The disciple's shoulders were torn open as blood flowed freely from the gaping wounds that were left by the bat's claws.

Zachary and the other warriors also noticed that creature.

Jason rushed to his injured teammate.

The huge bat wasted no time as it maneuvered itself for another attack and swooped down once more—this time at Jason.

"Hundred-Fist Skill!" Jason rapidly extended his hands as he uttered the words. Hundreds of fist shadows came forth and rushed towards the charging giant bat.

The giant bat let out a howl that was charged with martial energy. The force of the bat's attack deflected Jason's attack back at him.

Jason scowled at what happened to his attack. He grabbed his teammate and retr

and Elva.

"Even if we join forces, it might still not be enough," Elva replied as she shook her head.

Colin also hesitated. He knew that the Ghost Bat King was extremely strong, and if they fought it head on, the result would likely still be unfavorable. Although the competition was important, he didn't have to risk his life for it.

"How would we know if we don't give it a try? Although the Ghost Bat King is at the seventh grade of Heaven Level, remember that our goal is only the Heavenly Squama Jade. We can retreat once we get the jade," Jason encouraged the other disciples.

"That changes things a bit,"

Colin replied. He was obviously tempted by Jason's words.

Elva never answered and instead glanced at Zachary meaningfully.

"Elva, I'm afraid that you'd have to make this decision. I'm too weak to be of any help at this point," Zachary said as he started straight into Elva's eyes.

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