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   Chapter 94 Fight Together

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 5517

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At that moment, Colin's and Jason's teams arrived one after another, and found Zachary and Elva there.

"You!" They were surprised to see Zachary and Elva on the fifth floor.

"I suppose they arrived before us. I can see how. The woman seems strong enough, but the man looks weak."

"But even we struggled to get here. They wouldn't have gotten here without the help of some stronger disciple!"

"Exactly! It would be impossible if they got here by themselves!"

All other disciples on the fifth floor were surprised. They immediately scanned the vicinity to see if Zachary and Elva had a companion.

"There are only two of us. Believe it or not, we made it here by ourselves," Zachary sneered.

The two teams were stunned. They couldn't believe it!

"My name is Colin Xie. And you are?" With a solemn smile, Colin approached them.

"Elva Han from the Welkin Sect," Elva greeted in return.

"So you are the famous Elva Han. I have heard a lot about you! The talented female disciple of the Welkin Sect," Colin said with a straight face.

The disciples standing by were shocked.

"I am Jason Feng from the Dragon Fist Sect," Jason said as he walked forward.

The other four disciples came up and introduced themselves as well.

"Stop staring at my wife like dirty old men!" Zachary angrily shouted, seeing they were approaching Elva a little too close for his liking.

Hearing his words, Colin, Jason and the other four disciples were astonished.

"This gorgeous woman is your wife? Lad, are you daydreaming?"

"You don't deserve her with such puny strength!"

"You're living an illusion!"

The four disciples snic

searched with their increased combat power. Besides, the higher the floor in the Death Prison, the smaller the area; hence the fifth floor wasn't too large. When they went deeper in, there was only a straight and wide channel in front of them.

After many fights, the three teams entered a crescent-shaped hall. Stone pillars on both sides extended to the end of the hall. The hall looked worn-out and old, but one could tell that it had been a trial hall in the past.

"There are no other exits here. I think the Heavenly Squama Jade is right in this hall," Jason said as he looked around the hall.

Colin nodded.

"Let's see who will win," Elva told the two team leaders.

"Then we will make our move." Jason smiled shrewdly, and the two disciples at the Heaven Level behind him immediately sprinted in two directions.

To not be outdone, the two disciples at the Heaven Level with Colin also dispersed.

Without hesitation, Zachary and Elva also began to look for the item.

The whole hall was turned upside down by the three teams as they searched for the Heavenly Squama Jade.

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