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   Chapter 93 Enter The Fifth Floor

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"It seems that our progress is a little slow. If we don't speed up, other teams will surely catch up with us," Elva suggested.

"Am I dragging you down?" Zachary asked. He stared at Elva with a mournful look.

"I didn't say that. Don't think too much. Let's just pick up our pace." Elva shook her head and moved forward.

Not long after Zachary and Elva started to move forward faster, a loud scream pierced the silence of the prison.

Zachary and Elva stared at each other and hurried to the location of the scream. When they caught up to the source of the scream, they saw a disciple at the premium stage of Earth Level on the floor with a growing pool of blood coming from his lower body.

Not far ahead, Joyce and Derrick fought with four martial beasts at the first grade of Heaven Level. The beasts looked like wolves. The two were locked in a fierce battle and the wolves were getting the upper hand.

Although Joyce and Derrick were both at the Heaven Level, Derrick was only at the second grade, while Joyce had just reached the first grade. Going against four martial beasts of Heaven Level made it impossible for them to win.

"Elva, I don't think they can win," Zachary said as he turned to Elva with a grim look on his face.

"I will help them. Wait for me here," Elva replied in a determined tone. Although she always seemed apathetic, she had a kind heart and was always ready to help. Her words caught Zachary off guard.

Then he nodded in agreement.

Elva immediately sped and joined the battle before either Joyce or Derrick became badly injured.

Joyce immediately recognized her and was surprised to see that Elva came to their aid.

Joyce and Derrick felt relieved because of Elva's help, but the three of them were still not enough to beat the four martial beasts. Moments after Elva joined the battle, the tide of the battle still went against the three.

Zachary stood at a distance and watched them. He could clearly see that they were losing. He then stared at the Holy Bone Bracer.

"Master Andrew, if y

qualified to enter the Celestial College because of his triple martial speed three years ago, but he only entered the Celestial College this year.

As for Jason from the Dragon Fist Sect, he was only slightly weaker than Colin, but he absolutely had the strength to compete with him.

It now all depended on which team could find the Heavenly Squama Jade first.

On the fifth floor, all the martial beasts were at the Heaven Level, so it was a true struggle for Elva and Zachary to proceed further.

"Elva, should we continue or should we rest first?" Elva was exhausted after she killed a martial beast at the first grade of Heaven Level, and she panted for breath.

"Of course we continue. But be careful. I won't be able to protect you anymore," Elva cautioned.

Zachary slightly shook his head. Elva was good in every aspect, but she was too stubborn. He originally planned to proceed alone once they reached the fifth floor.

Even though Elva wanted to move forward, reality caught up with them. Soon, a martial beast at the second grade of Heaven Level blocked them and the only passage way forward.

"Elva, I think this is enough. I can take it from here," Zachary declared. His countenance became truly serious. He never wanted to see Elva take any more risks.

Elva didn't know how to react when Zachary started to act out of his usual self.

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