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   Chapter 92 The Fourth Level

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With the help of the Dog Soul Ring, it took Zachary only two hours to find the entrance to the fourth floor.

"Are you here yet, Elva?" When Zachary was sure that Elva hadn't arrived yet, he didn't know if he should go back for her or wait. But he quickly realized that if he went back for Elva, he risked getting found by the disciples who wanted to prevent them from finding the treasure. At length, he decided to stay and wait for Elva. He searched for a safe and dark corner and waited patiently for Elva to arrive.

After a long time of waiting, when Zachary was about to fall asleep, a beautiful figure appeared near the entrance and looked around.

"Elva!" shouted Zachary as he waved at Elva.

"When did you arrive?" Elva asked when she saw that Zachary waited for her.

"About four hours ago. I was about to fall asleep," Zachary answered and then yawned.

"You got here so fast," Elva replied. She was surprised at how fast Zachary made it to the entrance.

"Let's hurry. A lot of disciples already made it to the fourth floor." Zachary went forward to the entrance to the fourth floor as he spoke.

Elva followed him closely.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the third floor, disciples at the Heaven Level arrived to report to Sara and the other masters. They were in charge of monitoring the freshmen.

Since Zachary and Elva won two rounds in a row, they attracted the attention of all the masters.

"You mean the team of Zachary and Elva has also reached the fourth floor, but there are only two of them?" Sara asked.

"Yes." The disciple making the report nodded.

"That is so weird. So the their third team member hasn't shown up yet," Sara said in a low voice, almost to herself.

"Elva from the Welkin Sect has already reached the Heaven Level at such a young age. It is said that she displayed triple martial speed in her teens. She is a rare talent."

"Yes, but the other one is so much weaker. It seems that he hasn't even reached the Earth Level yet."

"Such a group making it to the fourth floor is truly amazing!"

All the other masters except for Sara looked at each other as they nodded.

"He was enrolled at the last minute," Sara added. Her statement al

chary thought to himself. He was disappointed that his act did not scare Elva in the slightest. He wanted to scare her because she might suddenly embrace him out of fright or something like that.

"There is no such thing as ghosts. What is there to be afraid of?" Elva replied in an emotionless tone.

And just as she finished speaking, a white figure suddenly flew past in front of them. Before Zachary could react, he felt someone grab his arm. He looked to his arm and saw Elva tightly gripping his arm with both her hands.

"I thought you said you were not afraid of ghosts?" Zachary laughed loudly.

"Huh! It's just reflex action." Elva hurriedly let go of Zachary's arm. She then faked a cough and walked quickly.

They suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind.

"Someone's coming." Zachary turned his head towards Elva.

"Let's hide!" Taking a lesson from previous experience, Elva hinted at Zachary to avoid getting attacked by other teams. It was absolutely very dangerous for them, because they were one teammate less than other teams and this made it more challenging for them.

Zachary and Elva quickly hid in the nearest room. They soon saw a team with two disciples at the Heaven Level rush past the room and disappear in an instant.

"Isn't that Joyce?" Zachary muttered. After the disciples disappeared, Zachary and Elva came out.

The team was made up of Joyce, Derrick and another disciple who was at the premium stage of Earth Level.

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