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   Chapter 91 Be Chased And Blocked

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"Elva, as long as we are on the fifth floor, I have a sure way to get the treasure. So it's probably going to be up to you to get us there. I'm really counting on you this time!" Zachary said to Elva in a serious tone.

"Got it. Let's go!" Elva nodded with a renewed sense of determination as she and Zachary quickly followed the other disciples to the fifth floor.

At the same time, Rita, who stood silently in the dark, suddenly changed her expression to a very serious one and disappeared without warning.

Before Zachary and Elva had even gone far, their path were blocked by three teams. One of the teams came from the Dragon Fist Sect.

"I'm sorry but you have already won the first two rounds in a row. Your grades are already good. You should sit out the third one," a freshman wearing a red robe from the Dragon Fist Sect said.

The three teams were to block Zachary and Elva to eliminate their chances of winning the third round.

"Elva, we have to split up and meet at the entrance on the fourth floor," Zachary said to Elva after seeing this.

Elva's face turned serious. She could sense the presence of disciples at the Heaven Level among the three teams. The rest of the disciples were strong as well. It was impossible for them to get through. Elva stared straight into Zachary's eyes with a serious and meaningful look.

As if understanding each other's thoughts through mere eye contact, Zachary and Elva went off to two different directions at the same time.

"Stop them!" The three teams immediately dispersed and chased Zachary and Elva.

Zachary used the Shadow Pace to move at an amazing speed and soon got rid of the freshmen that chased him. Just as he was about to find the entrance to the fourth floor, a figure suddenly rushed out from nowhere and blocked him.

Zachary frowned and stopped. He stared at the figure and sneered, "Bruce! Are you stalking me?!"

"You brat, it's time to settle this once and for all," Bruce said as his face darkened. He had tolerated Zachary for a very long time, but he couldn't tolerate him any longer.

Zachary's countenance changed only slightly. He knew full well that Bruce's cultivation base was much higher than his. He knew that if he confronted Bruce directly, the results would not be in his favor.

Bruce released his martial energy and went directly for Zachary. He wanted to take it seriously and kill Zachary this time.

Zachary never dodged nor avoided the incoming Bruce, and instead rushed at Bruce head on.


all of your performances during the contest," Rebecca replied in a serious tone as her unblinking eyes turned from Bruce to Zachary.

Bruce and Zachary were both surprised to hear what she said.

"So a competition between two disciples from the same sect will have a huge negative impact on your performance report. The reason why I stopped you is because I don't want your performance report to be affected and I don't want you to be punished for your actions. Master Sara has a lot of very ugly punishment options. Don't say I never warned you. I will go now. Think about what I said and look out for yourselves! Don't mention anything about this to the other supervisors or freshmen. Otherwise, you'll find out how much Master Sara and I have in common when it comes to punishments!" Rebecca barely finished speaking when she disappeared into the dark once more.

Zachary and Bruce were left agape and stared at each other speechless.

"I'm sure you heard that, Bruce. If we keep fighting, we will both be in a lot of trouble," Zachary said.

"Shut up!" Rebecca's words left Bruce with a lot to think about. After a moment's hesitation, he glanced at Zachary one last time and left.

The sight of a discouraged Bruce caused Zachary to laugh uncontrollably. He gathered his wits about him and continued his search for the entrance to the upper floor. The most important thing now was to gather with Elva.

When Zachary left, a girl appeared unexpectedly. It was Rita.

"I was going to make a move, but I didn't expect that woman to beat me to it. It seems that Zachary is quite a lucky guy." After she said those words to herself, Rita disappeared once more.

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