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   Chapter 90 The Third Round

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Rita stood in one corner not far from the room where Zachary's team had been robbed by five warriors. Lying on the floor around her were the five warriors with their bodies bruised and bloodied.

"So, you're from the Hua Clan? I think your strength is not at all impressive," Rita remarked. She rubbed her palms against each other as if she was getting rid of dirt from her hands.

"How dare you! Who the hell are you?" Adolph asked, staring at Rita as half of his beard burned to ashes.

Rita searched him but he was powerless to stop her. In addition to taking back the herbs that they robbed from her team, she also took all the other herbs that they had collected.

Meanwhile, on the third floor, the masters patiently waited for the first team to arrive. They discussed and guessed which team would be able to collect twenty herbs at the fastest speed and reach the third floor.

"I would say that Colin's team has the best chance to make it first. Their overall strength is the strongest among all the teams."

"The team of Jason is also a strong contender."

"It never occurred to me that the champion of the first round is an insignificant team that I am not even familiar with."

"All things considered, it can hardly be called an insignificant team. In terms of strength and qualification, Elva is not bad. She is only slightly inferior to Joyce from the Virid Sword Sect and definitely better than most of the freshmen."

Sara hardly listened to the conversation of the other masters. Her mind still pondered about the accident that happened on the first floor.

The conversations and arguments of the masters went on for another one hour before they all suddenly stopped talking.

Their attention was all drawn towards the entrance to the third floor where two disciples approached them steadily and confidently.

"What!? A team has already collected the required twenty herbs in such a short period? I don't think it's possible. It normally takes an entire day to complete that list. Ba

lva had won the first place once more. She smiled and thought to herself, 'I wanted to help them, but I didn't expect them to be this capable. It seems the herbs I collected will have to be saved for now.'

She decided not to go back to the team and instead stood unnoticed in one dark corner.

"The third round is also the last round. The disciples who haven't had any good results yet should work harder this time or there will be no chance for you to win," Sara declared. She paused and swept the disciples that watched her with her lovely, glassy eyes. "The objective of the third round is to hunt for a treasure. The team who can find the Heavenly Squama Jade on the fifth floor will be the winner. In addition to the rich rewards, the team who wins the first prize will also be rewarded with a fourth-grade Heavenly Squama Jade."

Sara barely finished her words when the disciples cheered loudly at the announcement. They were all excited and in high spirits. A fourth-grade Heavenly Squama Jade was a rare treasure that could enhance a warrior's strength, an item that was more advanced than a Blazing Egg.

With such a prize at stake, the disciples became more eager to fight and risk everything.

When Sara gave the signal of the start of the third round, all the teams dashed towards the fifth floor like a horde of locusts.

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