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   Chapter 88 Collecting Herbs

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The teams fought each other once more.

Similar to what happened on the first floor, the teams immediately went off to different directions to collect the herbs on their list. Since fighting was allowed, many of the more powerful teams took advantage of the weaker teams.

As soon as Zachary's team set out, they were immediately targeted by several teams.

"Elva, we have a lot of pursuers!" Zachary exclaimed as he glanced back at the shadowy figures behind them.

"They are afraid that if we get first place again, we will most likely win the contest. The results of the freshmen contest will affect our personal ranking afterwards," Elva explained.

"Let them follow for as long as they want." Rita looked unsympathetic.

The difficulty in collecting herbs came from the increased strength of the martial beasts present on the second floor. Martial beasts at the premium stage of Earth Level were everywhere and many other martial beasts were at the first grade of Heaven Level.

Zachary's team was only able to collect four herbs four hours later.

"Only four herbs after four hours. We definitely need to do better," Zachary said after he brought out the herbs that they had collected.

"It will not be easy to collect twenty herbs. We need to search and defend against other teams who will try to rob us of our herbs. For now, let's look for a place to rest for an hour before we continue," Elva suggested.

The three of them found a dark room to recover their energy.

While Zachary's team rested, the sound of approaching footsteps caught their attention. The sound of a door getting kicked open was the next thing that they heard.

"I planned to wait for the other teams to find herbs first and then take their herbs from them. But I didn't expect that it would be hard to find even one of them!"

"Don't worry. It's a large place and we have

waited for her to join. He knew Elva would be of great help to them.

But there was no way that Elva would join another team.

Rita suddenly responded, "I will join you! I was wrong to team up with a coward."

Rita decided to join them after what Zachary did. Adolph hesitated for a while. Eventually, he nodded and said, "Okay. Come with us!" He then turned and left, followed by the other members of the Hua Clan.

"I think I'd be better off with them," Rita said and left with them.

"Well, is this the kind of teammate you've found for us?" Elva snapped while staring at Zachary.

"How could I have known that she is so fickle? But women are fickle by nature, aren't they?" Zachary replied with an intelligent smile.

Elva said nothing but she maintained her disappointed stare.

"How about we split up, Elva?" Zachary suggested. He thought about their situation for a while and decided on this course of action.

"What? No way! It's way too dangerous!" Elva disagreed. She shook her head at Zachary's idea.

"Don't worry. I can take care of myself." Zachary went straight out of the room, and in the blink of an eye, was gone.

"What are you trying to do?" Elva asked, but Zachary was likely unable to hear what she said.

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