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   Chapter 87 The First Place In The First Round

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Sara just got to the second floor when Zachary and Elva were heading to the second floor.

"How did it go, Master Sara?" The masters turned towards Sara as she approached.

"A small issue, nothing serious," Sara replied calmly. Her heart palpitated but her exterior betrayed nothing.

The other masters sighed in relief.

The sun was about to rise and it was less than two hours before the first round ended.

Many of the disciples were already on the second floor. Zachary and Elva were among them, but Rita was nowhere to be found.

When the sun had fully risen from the horizon, all the teams had reached the second floor.

"We will now begin to register the number of golden statues that each team collected. Please send one representative per team and hand in your statues here," Sara announced to the teams that were gathered.

The teams sent their representatives and registered the number of statues that they collected. Majority of the teams managed to get two golden statues. Only a few powerful teams were able to collect three statues.

"Hey Elva, I think our score is pretty good," Zachary said as he closely watched the disciples who handed in their statues, and no group had handed in four statues yet.

"That is a credit to your effort. How did you manage to get two so easily, anyway?" Elva asked. She found it hard to believe that Zachary managed to get two golden statues on his own.

"Well, where is Rita? Did she get lost getting here?" Zachary murmured as if he didn't hear Elva's question.

"Four statues,"

the master in charge of the registration declared. The announcement caused a stir among the gathered disciples.

Zachary and Elva looked at the direction of the registration table and discovered that it was the team of Bruce.

"Isn't that Bruce from the Welkin Sect? He is really strong."

"Although he is from a rubbish sect, he ranks in the top five among the freshmen."

"He's so handsome!"

The crowd made such a commotion when they recognized Bruce.

Bruce felt very proud of himself.

"That's just four statues. It's no big deal," a voice that drowned the murm

ondered if Rita was merely hiding her true strength because she hadn't even reached the Heaven Level.

The faces of Colin and Jason darkened. They never expected to be defeated by a weaker team.

All the masters were fascinated when they saw Rita. They had never seen her before, but they all felt that she was more than a little special.

'She looks somewhat familiar. Have I met her somewhere before?' Sara thought as she threw a furtive glance at Rita.

"Do you still think our lovely Rita is rubbish, Bruce?" Zachary deliberately provoked Bruce, whose face now looked like it was about to explode.

Bruce was speechless. He never expected that Zachary's teammate was so resourceful.

With seven golden statues, the team of Zachary won the first place in the first round—an achievement that no one ever imagined possible.

"Here are the rules to the second round of the contest. You will be given a list of twenty herbs and you need to collect them all. Once you've collected the herbs, bring them to the third floor where we will be waiting. The team which gets to the third floor first will win the first place. However, in the second round, teams are now allowed to fight for the herbs. You are still forbidden from using any improper methods," Sara announced the rules of the second round to the eager disciples present.

After the announcement, Sara and all the masters proceeded to the third floor.

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