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   Chapter 84 Fight Over The Golden Statue

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Zachary and the girls left the room.

At the same time, at the second floor of the Death Prison

"Master Sara, according to the information we've just received, most of the teams have succeeded in finding and obtaining one golden statue," a warrior of Heaven Level in a blue robe reported to Sara. She sat with the other masters who also listened to the report with keen interest.

"It appears that the new batch of disciples are not bad. In less than four hours, there have been so many teams that have collected the first golden statue."

"Although the number of freshmen this year is less than last year's, there are quite a number of talented disciples in this batch. Impressive!"

"I even heard that more than thirty have reached the Heaven Level, and more than ten have triple martial speed. They're really fascinating!"

The masters looked at each other and discussed amongst themselves.

"It is just the beginning. The deeper they go into the first floor, the more powerful the martial beasts that are waiting for them. It will get harder the longer they are inside," Sara stated flatly.

Just as she finished speaking, the disciples immediately found themselves in trouble.

The Death Prison was like a maze. The deeper one went into it, the more complicated it became. And most of the martial beasts were above the medium stage of Earth Level. Thus, it became harder and harder for teams to get golden statues. Moreover, their martial energy got depleted the further they went.

A similar situation happened to Zachary's team. Elva was in no way weak but her martial energy was limited. Since Rita and Zachary seldom fought, Elva had started to feel exhausted.

"It will not be easy to collect the second one. And it will become even more difficult for the third and the fourth," Elva declared. She panted slightly after she killed a group of martial beasts.

"I think we'd better find a place to rest first," Rita suggested.

Zachary nodded in agreement.

They found an empty room that seemed safe, and rested there.

After an hour of resting, Elva recovered much of her martial energy. They decided to move on.

"Hey, guys... You go ahead. I need to use the washroom," Rita said.

"Do you need me to guard outside?" Zachary asked after hearing Rita's words.

"What? No! I'm going to take some time. Don't wait for me. I'll catch up with you right away," Rita replied.

Elva nodded and then signaled to Zachary. Then the two of them left.

Half an hour later, Elva and Zachary noticed that Rita had not caught up with them

g back, he headed straight for the golden statue.

Almost at the same time, another hand grabbed the golden statue just when Zachary reached it and grabbed it with his hand.

Although Zachary was faster, the other person reached it too.

The three teams which fought the martial beast, were shocked to see that Zachary and another person already snatched the golden statue. Four members of the three teams immediately rushed towards the statue with the intention to join the fight.

"You bastard, let go!" a familiar voice exclaimed.

Zachary looked up and saw that the person who competed with him was none other than Bruce.

"Bruce, what a coincidence!" Zachary sneered.

"Let go! Even if I give you the golden statue, you can't win the first place anyway," Bruce said as he fought for dominance in getting the golden statue.

"Not really. Don't forget that I still have Elva!" There was no way that he would give the statue to Bruce.

"You are alone. Elva already abandoned you. You deserve it!" Bruce blustered.

"Oh Bruce, you are just so delusional," Zachary replied mockingly.

Bruce roared and gave off a strong martial energy at the Heaven Level. He then attacked Zachary without warning.

Zachary used Shadow Pace and avoided Bruce's blow and headed in the direction of Elva.

Bruce was about to chase after Zachary when a beautiful woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked his way.

"I'm sorry, Bruce, but we will take this golden statue." It was Elva.

"Elva..." Bruce was so surprised that he stammered and didn't know how to react.

"Elva, I'll go first. I'll wait for you up front." Zachary quickly moved away once he saw that Elva stopped Bruce's advance.

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