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   Chapter 83 The Red Spider

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7101

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'Is it the nest of some martial beast?' Zachary wondered as his expression suddenly changed.

At that moment, he heard a rustling sound above his head. The next moment, he saw a black figure, as big as two people, swooping down on him from the air.

Noticing that the situation was unfavorable for him, Zachary immediately activated the Shadow Pace. In the blink of an eye, he had already raced to a corner. When he turned his head to check the black figure, he couldn't see it anymore.

"Is it playing hide and seek with me?" Zachary murmured softly. He thought that the black figure was most likely a martial beast like a spider, which could spin webs over his head.

After realizing that, he immediately thought of a solution. All of a sudden, his martial energy burst forth and he began to destroy the white cocoons beside the wall.

Before long, an angry scream rang out above his head.

"Get out of there if you have the guts to do so. Don't sneak around," Zachary yelled.

After that, the black figure slowly fell to the floor. It seemed that it was hanging by a thread.

"Finally, you have revealed yourself. Now hurry up! Tell me your name! I will not kill those whose names I don't know!" Zachary shouted disapprovingly.

The black figure let out a squeak as if it was grinding its teeth. The next moment, two silver threads faintly shot out from the darkness, and instantly headed toward Zachary.

Seeing that, Zachary didn't retreat, but stepped forward. In a fraction of a second, the two silver threads wrapped around his arms and pulled him back.

With a half-smile, Zachary pretended that the black shadow was dragging him.

Pretty soon, he could clearly see the black figure in front of him. He found out that it was a red spider, which was much bigger than an ordinary spider.

The spider opened its big mouth, which looked like two iron pliers. Moreover, it seemed that it was going to break Zachary into pieces. At that moment, a silver light flashed between Zachary's wrists, and the silver threads that were wrapped around his arms were cut off in an instant. He was holding his du

ors who had cultivated martial energy with elements. Hence, they were invaluable, and very few people could afford one.

"When I reached the Heaven Level, Master Lewis asked one of his old friends to make this Golden Flame Glove for me. It is the only one in the whole Welkin Sect. Even the stewards don't know that I have this weapon." Elva understated it. In fact, originally she had not planned to bring out her MH weapon so soon. That was because doing so made it an easy target for sinister warriors. After all, compared to ordinary MH weapons, hers was extremely rare and many warriors would covet it.

"It seems that Master Lewis is very nice to you. He has never given me one," Zachary said admiringly. Seeing Elva's MH weapon with fire element, he could tell that Lewis had great hopes for her.

"Hey, you guys, look!" Rita shouted abruptly, as if she had found a treasure.

Turning around, Zachary and Elva saw that Rita had taken a glowing golden statue out of a broken white cocoon.

"Is it the golden statue we are looking for?" Elva asked and fixed her attention on the statue.

"It seems that we have a blessing in disguise. But I don't know if it's made of pure gold," said Zachary, looking as if he was deeply obsessed with the golden statue.

"Let's get out of here first!" Elva said immediately. She was worried that a long delay at such a dangerous place might cause more trouble.

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