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   Chapter 81 The Freshmen Contest

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On the sixth day after all the new disciples entered the Celestial College, the freshmen contest started as scheduled.

As every new disciple was required to participate in the freshmen contest, the square in Freshmen Zone's center was filled with new disciples from all kinds of sects and clans.

On the previous day, the disciples who had not yet formed a team had randomly assembled, in twos or threes. Of course, their cultivation base was not strong. Plus, they had been arbitrarily assigned to new teams. There was no doubt that they would not be able to compete with other better-prepared teams.

Since the sects and clans at the premium stage and the leading ones at the medium stage each had five or six new disciples in the Celestial College, disciples from the same clan or sect could form two teams. That was certainly an advantage for them. Although the two teams had to compete with each other, they could still cooperate whenever they needed to ensure mutual benefit. That indeed gave them an edge over the others.

No disciple had any idea about what kind of tests they were going to face before the freshmen contest started, because how the freshmen contest would be carried out remained a secret. In a way, it was rather exciting—not knowing what tests they were going to face.

"Why hasn't that girl come yet?" Elva asked Zachary when they were waiting for the freshmen contest to begin.

"Don't worry. She will come." Zachary didn't seem worried at all.

Elva glanced at Zachary. She had no choice but to wait patiently. Finally, fifteen minutes later, Rita arrived.

"Beautiful Rita, you are finally here," Zachary greeted Rita enthusiastically.

"Hasn't the competition started yet?" Seeing that all the teams were still at the square, Rita snorted, showing her disdain.

"It will start soon!" Zachary answered.

A coquettish, gorgeous beauty, and seven masters appeared in front of the crowd. Each of them were at the Imperial Level. It was amazing!

en statues on the first floor. The duration is one day. A day later, the team that has collected the most golden statues will be the first round's champion. In addition to the abundant rewards the team will receive, the team members will also be ranked higher in the personal ranking. However, martial beasts are guarding all the golden statues, so be warned and don't take it lightly. Furthermore, if more than two teams find a statue at the same time, they are allowed to fight for it, until one of them gets the statue. Besides, when one team gets the statue, the other teams cannot snatch it. That is against the contest's rules.

After the contest starts, the Death Prison's entrance will be closed until the contest is over. Therefore, you cannot quit in the middle of the game. You have to face any danger. Nobody will help you. Good luck with that! Disciples die in the freshmen contest every year.

Well, the first contest is about to begin. The masters and I will be waiting for you at the second round. Before sunrise, tomorrow, all of you must gather on the second floor, no matter how many golden statues you have collected. If you don't assemble in time, your results in the first round will be canceled." As soon as Sara finished speaking, she and all the masters turned around and headed for the second floor.

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