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   Chapter 80 A New Teammate

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"Is it done?" Zachary asked, raising his eyebrows.

Rita threw a cloth bag to Zachary.

When Zachary opened it, he saw an array of colorful brassieres with different scents.

"Awesome!" Zachary could not help exclaiming.

"Of course," Rita said with pride.

"Great. Congratulations for passing my test! Come back with me!" Zachary turned around and left.

After he took Rita back to the disciple dormitory, he found out that Bruce, Elva and Chandler were sitting on the stone bench in the yard and looking at each other.

"I found a teammate!" Zachary said to Elva, after he swaggered up to Bruce and the others.

Bruce and the other two turned to look at Rita.

"She? Her strength does not seem special, in any way. Isn't it enough that Elva has you to drag her down?" Bruce snorted after he glanced at Rita.

"She's not strong, but she has a special skill!" Saying that, Zachary whispered something to Rita.

After looking briefly at Bruce, Rita walked up to him and said, "I hate those who look down upon me, especially men." Then, she waved her hand in front of Bruce, and a jade hairpin appeared in her hand in the blink of an eye.

"A man with a jade hairpin. Are you a pervert, like Zachary?" Rita said contemptuously.

Seeing that, Bruce was shocked. He did not expect that Rita could be so skilled that she could take the jade hairpin from inside his clothes before he could react.

"I was going to gift it to Elva," Bruce explained immediately.

"Okay." When she saw that Elva was so pretty and buxom, Rita became hostile. "Sure, men like women who are amply endowed."

"What did you say?" Elva said coldly after she heard what Rita had said.


in the Celestial College.

Therefore, many teams were rather be short of people than join teams belonging to other sects or clans. Were that to happen, they could not hope to get good results for their own sects or clans.

The day before the freshmen contest, Zachary received a random treasure-hunting quest which was a side quest from the system. However, that request was bizarre as it only required him to obtain a treasure in the competition, but it did not specify which or what treasure it was.

"What a confused quest! It seems that I have to complete the last one in the series of sub-quests as soon as possible. The side quest is rather questionable," Zachary muttered while cultivating.

However, it was not easy to complete the last one in the series of sub-quests. Although he could use some dirty methods, he would be in great trouble if Elva were to discover it.

Of course, he could frame Bruce. But Bruce was not a fool, so it would not be easy to frame him. So, he decided to wait a little longer and find the most suitable opportunity to complete that extremely difficult and abnormal sub-quest.

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