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   Chapter 78 The Treasure-hunting Compass Was Stolen

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6146

Updated: 2020-01-16 05:28

"Alright, alright. There's no need for this. You two beauties fought so hard for me that I feel very embarrassed. People who don't know me might think that my wives are so possessive!" Zachary exclaimed. It made the onlookers irritated and angry with him instantly.

'I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such shamelessness of this level!' Joyce thought to herself.

Her face twisted that showed her disgust when she saw that Zachary's hand held hers. She immediately shook her hand off from his grasp.

Elva also took her hand back.

When the two women's eyes met, sparks flew in all directions.

"Joyce, it's better to settle our old scores than to make new enemies. Anyway, I didn't take anything from you," Zachary said in an almost pleading tone. He didn't want things to go on like this.

"You took advantage of me. Now you're making it sound like what I did was wrong," Joyce replied. She was a bit angered now.

"I never took advantage of you!" Zachary exclaimed. He started with a surprised look and then grinned as if he suddenly remembered something amusing.

"You said that I was your..." Joyce wanted to say something but decided not to continue.

"You are my what? Stop it, will you? Just be a good girl and leave!" Zachary said. His tone made it seem like he was scolding a child.

"Humph! You must admit your fault!" Joyce replied. She was not someone who could be fooled easily with fast talk.

Zachary never expected her to be so persistent. Any ordinary girl would've dropped it by then. Falling out was obviously not something that benefited anyone. He obviously misjudged her personality.

"Joyce Chen, please behave yourself!" Elva reminded Joyce.

The onlookers were jealous of Zachary because of how the two most beautiful freshmen fought for him. They tried to understand how his

Early the next morning, Elva and Zachary continued to look for a teammate without success. Fortunately, there were still a few days left before the freshmen contest.

"I didn't expect it to be so difficult to find a teammate," Elva complained on their way back.

"Elva, you seem to have talked a lot more lately," Zachary remarked. He was visibly surprised

"Really?" Elva was a little surprised. She agreed that she did spoke out much more than usual when she was with Zachary.

"I'm such a charming companion!" Zachary declared proudly.

Elva gave Zachary a disdainful look.

"What if we can't find anyone else?" Zachary asked while he rubbed his chin.

"Then it will only be the two of us. By the way, have Bruce and Chandler found anyone?" Elva asked thoughtfully.

A dark figure suddenly appeared out of the forest and bumped into Zachary.

"Apologies." The figure retreated a few steps, bowed to Zachary, apologized, and then hurried away.

"What a strange person!" Zachary never saw the person's face. He smelled faintly of milk. When he was about to leave with Elva, he felt that something was missing. He reached his hand into his robe and discovered that his Treasure-hunting Compass was gone!

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